Current and Future Trends of Conversational AI


Welcome to the future to spoken today. I have already special guest with me. Brit kinsella people. Who don't know bread. He is the founder and ceo of voice dot. Ai and weisbart is a leading research analysis company focusing more on voice fake industry. That's right yes your voice. Ai wasted yeah. We'll come. how are you doing today. i'm doing very well. Thanks shumur so why. Don't you tell our audience a little bit about yourself your background and how did you get into the industry shirt by accident. I've worked in new technologies since the mid nineties but wasn't necessarily looking to get into voice. I've been looking at a. I but frankly a friend of mine had founded a company and was looking for some assistance. So i started helping them out and then wound up becoming pretty significant mar matta my effort for several years and this was round voice interactive advertising. So the idea is with your phone. When you're listening to music or the radio or something you interact with the ads that come up or not without having to take it out of your pocket and all these other pieces which are these other steps that entr introduced friction and so voice interactivities so the prompt and then we'll just respond with your voice. Seems like a very logical thing to do But in practice a lot more complicated than you would think. Because you have to have microphones permission you have to then be able to essentially have a speech recognition system and then some nfl. You in the background at least at a basic level in order to be able to do that and so i've been doing that for several years and during that period of time amazon echo came out which was interesting and that company that i'd been helping out through some friends decided to spend more time in that

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