A highlight from BK Previews 'Shel-Shocked' The Shelby Harris Podcast


Daily. Putt jazzed with brandon krisztal. I want everything all the meatballs and pasta. Happy tuesday broncos country. It's a rainy tuesday here in the mile high city. And maybe know that going to use. Today's pod to preview the new podcasts. I was teasing in recent weeks. It's finally officially podcast. Release week for shell-shocked the shelby harris podcast and i can't tell you how excited i am about this venture shelby reach out to me and said he wanted to do a podcast. So he's are working through ideas and we have gotten to a point where we're ready to start doing it here. Every single week through the off season in into the season shelby really has a lot to say really wants to get off his chest in a given week wants to talk. Sports wants to talk social issues. Politics entertainment whatever's going on video games shelby gonna going to cover it and certainly take you inside the broncos locker rooms much as he's comfortable doing so and we know he's more comfortable than most obviously. Don't to betray your teammates. Trust and i don't think that's the goal. The goal is just. You'll hear explain why he wanted to do this here. In in just a minute is to convey the players message in his his message. If you will in response to things are out there so we're just getting it off the ground. We're gonna have a lot of great guests. Certainly plenty of his broncos teammates as well as former teammates and folks around the league and some entertainment related guests as well. And i think it's got a chance to be really really cool and really unique. Because as best i can tell there is an active. Nfl player doing a podcast until rich determined finds a new team. But in general you just don't don't see guys that often in the middle of their career that wanna do something like this and so. We're kind of going into some uncharted territory here. With what what we're going to be doing. And i'm just kind of along for the ride. I mean yeah. I'm co-pilot but we're gonna go where shelby wants to take it on a given week so shortly you'll be able to hear the teaser trailer that we put out. Just give you a quick quick taste of what it's going to be in and i think you know shelby certainly comfortable in front of a microphone but the more we do it obviously the more comfortable he's gonna become and and it's really going to be his show so i have this show. I have broncos daily podcast That show is the shelby harris. Podcast shellshock shelby harris podcast. You'll get it wherever you're podcasts. Are downloaded certainly on the platform. I tune spotify stitcher soundcloud. All of it is out there. And so it's just being literally being populated as i'm recording this so at any point depending on when you listen to this you'll be able to go listen to the same thing that you're about to hear but also subscribe and then every thursday a new episode is going to be released sell I'm hopeful that it can grow into something. Really cool in. The broncos are on board with it and when things calm down we're going to likely tape it at the broncos studios at the studios it i hardened in the broncos built together at the training center but because of covid restrictions right now with the pa and media we're doing everything remotely via zoom which is fine because it's a good way to do it too and it allows us a little more flexibility in terms of guests. We can get on camera and eventually you'll see this other places but also that you'll be able to hear wherever you listen to your podcast. Latest aaron rodgers. There's no real news. The news is sounds like he's still wants out. And when you hear teammates of his from yesteryear like john kundun. James jones saying that he wants out odds are he's not one to to change his tune than and so will likely be somewhere else questions. Willy be in denver. What will that package look like. And i was asked by. J t the brick on his show last night monday night on mad. Dog radio on siriusxm. What a package would look like. I think you're looking at multiple ones some day two picks over probably multiple years. So that's twos and threes a quarterback of some sort and that's likely teddy bridgewater could be drew lock. I think bridgewater which then becomes an interesting question of. What do you do with drew. Lock and how long do you let him. Just kind of hang out around. Aaron rodgers. But i think that the goal might be to keep them around for a while because we heard that detroit was interested in drew. Lock to some degree. Even though we know jared goff ultimately who rat homes new. Gm wanted but they the the broncos didn't wanna put drew lock the deal they were okay putting nine deal but they didn't wanna put drew lock in the deal. So aaron rodgers different story the other matthew stafford also different age consideration Which kinda makes the stafford thing a little more interesting when you look at him being thirty three and erin going to be thirty eight in december. But right now. There's nothing brewing which means who knows what's really brewing. And so i didn't want to take show you down this road because i don't know what the tampering rules aren't on keita's either but he doesn't have the same agent Or same agency. David done aaron rodgers agent ryan. Williams is shelby's right hand man so it's gonna be fascinating and we will continue to monitor it but right now i'm going to get out of the way so you can hear shelby. Tell everybody why he wanted do with podcast again. It's called shell shocked. You can follow on twitter at shell shocked pod you'll also be able to email us mailbag going so you can ask shelby questions directly but right now just wants you to enjoy. Our brief conversation are our trailer. If you will are are preview for what the podcast is going to beer or a little sampling of what it'll be so without further ado. Here is my chat with shelby harris. Here we preview shell shocked

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