A highlight from Giant Bombcast 685: I Did it for the Grookey

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Life as the giant bomb cast. It's may eleventh twenty twenty one. I'm your host jeff. Gershman joined by Let's shoot it around here counterclockwise. From where. I'm at jan show producing in the chair. That's right. I have a chair. It's right here. Took it from my mom's office nice when that office reopens. Are you going to have to switch to a standing seat. Hell no. i'm never giving hell. yeah i was. Thanks mom. I love to now. This is my chair now. Danny o'dwyer also sitting down. Yeah i'm done with standing man. I think i might end up being here longer than i. It's all gonna give my legs arrest. You know what i mean. It makes sense. Yeah settle in settle in. It's not i also. I also appreciate that every few weeks. You've just it's a completely different angle on the room like the just. Are you redecorating. The entire room as you go or is it. Just just i just. Can't i have obsessive compulsive disorder. And i need to move my room like at least four times so yeah although i filled up the wall now so who knows. I might want to paint this wall so then. I'm probably going to take an all down and do that. So watch this. Space video viewers antastic. Jeff back lar is here hello their first time for the first time. Thank you for having me. I want to talk about chairs for a second. Okay i just. I just feel like the thing about. That's well look. Everyone has to start somewhere. I am sensitive to the chair situation. Tears are weird with me. I have a weird history with chairs. I just really would appreciate we take that. Keep that in mind. When we're talking about chairs. How they stand how they sit how they rotate how they go left. They go right. Emerging just weird look chairs. What am i going to say you know over the years. This isn't really a game or chair. it's a can you see the logo. Now it's like a secret lab chair a game. I mean. I bought one of those secret lab chairs and one of the armrest has split open on the side. And i've only had ashes like six months and that stash spy. Yeah yeah what what weights. How did it split off. What do you mean it's sounds like there's not there's a seam on the side of it the upholstery like the outer layer of it and that seem has completely split open armrest and i'm not very happy about it. Give a heated moment and you just to sit down with a knife yet. yes yes Yeah actually now that you mentioned that. I was playing a game one handed and then working on my belly song and my hand of my people. Yeah there we go and then you know some went down and now this you know. My knife drank deep of the chairs arm. And and now here. We are speaking of drinking deep. Jason ace striker is here are you doing. How's your what's the chair. life like. Sharing life is not bad. I got one of these. I don't know what the fuck branded is. I forgot that hold meant to be there. Down down links dill

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