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Jackson fuller real estate in san francisco california today britain and i have a very special guest joining us. One of the four original founders of zephyr real estate suffers where britain and i both started in real estate and some of my earliest memories. Are of this guy yelling like a madman on the phone in the farthest back corner of the office our guest built suffer real estate from brand new in nineteen seventy eight to the largest independent real estate brokerage in san francisco with seven offices more than three hundred agents and over two billion in annual sales at its peak while serving as president of zephyr his creative leadership approach celebrated the company's unique independent spirit a driving force in its success in twenty twenty suffer real estate became corcoran global living a franchisee of corcoran real estate and that sadly was the end of zephyr brand now retired from day to day operations and enjoying his time split between hawaii and california. Our guest was once a collegiate. Wrestler is a us military veteran. A fellow past president of the san francisco station of realtors and is also a husband and father. Joining us today from hawaii is a man. We've long personally admired bill. Dry pollster. welcome bill. Let's jump into thus so speaking of real estate. Do remember and can you tell me about your first house. The first real you did as a licensed real estate professional sure. I had gone to work for earth real estate. They had sold me personally. A pair of flats and so. I finished that and decided okay. What am i gonna do. Ianna broker's license. Because i had an mba. And i guess you could do at them. I don't know if you can do it now. But i was sitting there one morning and a guy walk in and he said i'd like to see this building around the corner. Maybe if the after work. And i said okay. Great show to doom said doesn't work at all and i had done something. That hurt told me nobody does that first. Of all way back when maybe a learn something. I'm sure you have learned a lot. There were two multiple listing services to analysis really yep and basically the upper market was the dividing line. Let's call it market street dividing line. Everything north of market which included the castro. If you will wasn't hard and fast line was in. Mls that we have now and the other one was called. Oh jeez something similar and it was out in the chelsea here and so you had to belong to bulk multiples to get everyone so i joined the second multiple and gotten a thing and i said hey. They have. Breakfast and raiders dot on. Go out there. So i had gone out there and i went out anyway and these people were pitching their listings. This guy's that. I've got this listing at twenty nine and sanchez blah blah blah. So i get my car and go home. Go back to her. And i drive by it. It's a semi fixer. Big sexual peak group victorian so the people said well. You know this house that you showed us doesn't fit it was overrun around the corner on eighteenth street between the eighteenth Dolores i said well. I've got another one if you wanna take a look at it. They said great. So i gave the address. They called me back to see it while ultimately that was my first sale. What year was nineteen seventy six before you were born. Maybe a year after close just about. I remember nineteen seventy. Six matt was just a babe in arms at that time i think so. Did the deal go smoothly or was it a hot mess of disclosures does well first of all back then. The whole offer. Farm was only one page long when they said. Let's put it together. I said great said. Let's beat backyard her thrill estate and then i'm driving back and said we crap. What do i do now. I'm with a figure this one out. So we got in there. And ron handsomer was still in. And so i just walked him in. Walk the people back and sat down. And i said ron. This is susan john smith and the smith sisters mr bachelor. He'll be the offer. Oreo looked at me. And i kind of gave him a little lincoln and he said okay. Put the form on the typewriter. I it out and he says well we got all done. Do you want to have an inspection. Should we have an inspection i said. Yeah yeah yeah. He should have an inspection. That's the way it went i fail. Wow do you remember what the price was. Twenty nine thousand. The i bought was in nineteen ninety-one and it was year after. I graduated from college in the susan austin texas and i paid. I think. Thirty two thousand dollars for it. Maybe should've kept that one too We all talk about that but yeah actually looked it up online the other day to see an. It's worth about five hundred now. I think and i sold it probably twenty years ago for like one fifty or something like that and ruled all about into your san francisco properties Just fine yeah. Exactly i so i overshot something. You have another question further on it says. Tell me about your first house. And the first house i bought is kind of an interesting conundrum.

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