What Its Like to Break Into Tech as a Mother



Things are being here thank you. I'm so thrilled to be here. This is like surreal very cool so you recently got a promotion from associate software engineer to software engineer at forms. Congratulations very exciting. So let's start from the very beginning and talk about how you got into tech. How did you break in. My father was a sales engineer. So i was surrounded by technology so in many ways i've kind of always been in tech but i guess officially my journey breaking in started in two thousand eighteen. So what happened then. What got you interested in. What got you introduced. So before. I started pursuing a career in ek i was a freelancer. It allowed me to stay home with my children. At first my son and then my daughter and i implemented wordpress websites for small business owners solar entrepreneurs that level and by implementing. I mean that. I found a theme installed a theme and then found different plug ins. That did what my clients needed done or what. They needed their websites to do. But i never got into the code. And so at some point in my freelancing i started getting clients with more complex requests that couldn't find the right combination of plug ins to make happen and so i then started to feel 'cause then i you know maybe search on the internet stack overflow or other sites and i would hear about php. And how if i edit the functions. Php filed than. I could get this to happen and that to happened. And that was when i started to feel the disadvantage of not being able to code. And i felt like i was coming up against a roadblock in my freelancing career so to speak so that was when the first occurred to me that i could learn to code.

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