SMRpodcast #491: Commercials Are Annoying - burst 17



Of my podcasting work down basement so i was using just a cheap laptop down here but i've got this nice nelson pointed that out weeks. You've got this nice Behemoth laptop that you ram in memory and all that stuff. Why are you not using it in your house laptop. Pick it up a carry wherever you go so i am now physically carrying my laptop downstairs was lot in noticed. I just i hate you know and this is from day one. I hate typing on the laptop itself. If i if i have the opportunity but the laptop warning stand get the monitor a little bit higher in entitled boniface keeble though i was looking for a keyboard i i didn't want full-size so this is actually on the sixty percent keyboard and is configured so you know every piece of the keyboard that can replace the keys i can replace the twitches i can replace the lights All that kind of stuff and it's it's really good keyboard. What i like about it if like i don't know if you hear this But i'm actually typing wanted as loud as i can right now. I'm not sure if the whitest picking that up but for a mechanical keyboard with these You know i've got like these brown switched You know Light switches in it. It's amazingly fast. I probably have typed faster on this keyboard than i've ever typed on any order keyboard that i've ever owned it. It it is it is it. Is death fast. And i'm a pretty fast type off. I i i regularly get over a hundred and thirty five to one hundred. Forty two hundred forty words When i'm really groove and going and this keyboard is seamless. i don't ever have any issues to where you know. Buttons are getting you. Know on the click into loud or i am Is toy me down because the keyboard is not responsive enough. This keyboard actually respond to the speed. At which i in as i said is not terribly expensive. It's like eighty seven bucks

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