AmorePacific's Julien Bouzitat: 'There's an explosion of access, brands and products'


Podcast. I'm your host pre arale executive editor at glossy. Today's guest is julian vusi tae the chief marketing officer and digital officer at a more pacific. Us welcome. julian thank you good for having me. We're so excited to have you julian. I'm wondering you know. I think you've such an interesting background and you've been in beauty for quite some time and more pacific for quite some time but i'm wondering like how you first got started in beauty. Were you exposed to beauty a lot as a child or as a teenager like what about it was an interesting industry for you to have a career in short so i i did most of my studies in france and including my business will and i always had an attraction for laurie. Al as a company the product but also the combined yeah the whole global the global cloud of the company the different organization division and so. I threw my studies. I kind of like always scepter. Laurie allen i started relationship with. Hr departments very early on and so at the end i applied for a bank. It and that's how my beauty curse tablets very much to lord. The relationship is a group. So what was it about beauty. Specifically i i suppose in france is very different than here in new york away because cosmetics is kind of the history. The legacy is very much there. So you know was that just as attainable is a job for Say a job in banking or a job in technology back. That has always been something very attractive about he for me. I was looking at products. I loved advertising. You know when. I was a teenager was like i was really looking at advertising almost like the professional way of like the way the do we still are communicating. So that was kind of the marriage of like interesting product interesting distribution channel next disability with advertising. And you know a little bit. Of course you know. I've been surrounded in by a beautiful women in my life. You know my mother. My grandma's will like those lead stieg those fragrance so as i was also a bit like just like you know being a beautiful vision women give sensiti to sensitivity tweet. Probably you spent about sixteen years at loria what did you what was your first job.

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