Harry Potter RPG Hogwarts Legacy Will Reportedly Allow for Transgender Characters


The new harry potter game is going to allow trans characters. The next harry potter video game will allow players to customize their character's voice body type and gender placement for the school dormitories taking strive. Towards inclusivity controversies stemming from comments by series creator. Jk rowling that were seen as transphobic. Hogwarts legacy is scheduled for twenty twenty two. I'm sorry is scheduled for eight. Twenty twenty two release from publisher one interactive entertainment inc. and developer avalanche software. When players started the game will be able to create a character. That has a masculine feminine voice. No matter what their body looks like. According to people familiar with the game's development the people requested anonymity because they weren't authorized to speak to the press players will then get to select one of two options which or wizard that will determine the dorm they get placed in at the magic of hogwarts and how they are addressed by other characters in the game although this level of customization has grown more common in video games in his no longer unusual. It's no worthy for hogwarts legacy last summer rowling made several comments that were widely viewed as demeaning towards trans transgender people and denounced by many including harry potter film stars daniel radcliffe and emma watson. The comments also rattled some people working on the game. Bloomberg reported as a result some members of the hogwarts legacy development team have fought to make the game as inclusive as possible pushing for the character customisation and even a transgender character to be added. There was resistance from management. At first the people familiar with the project said but currently the character customisation is included in the game. A wonder whether spokesperson declined to comment last month. Hogwarts legacy faced more controversy after gaming journalist liam robertson revealed that tony leave it. Senior producer at salt lake city based avalanche may dozens of youtube videos attacking feminism and quote unquote social justice. He also expressed support for gamer gate a loose community of who harass journalists and game developers for voicing progressive us reset era one of the largest video game for one of the largest video game forums enacted a total ban on threads for promotional media. End quote around hogwarts legacy in the wake of that discovery in raleigh's comments leave. It didn't respond for request for comment.

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