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So we we. We need to get started before our neighbors waco away said we will be providing the soundtrack. Oh yeah for for our show they go. It's been interesting. I wonder if they're going somewhere. Probably they're young church their young and in love. You're probably going somewhere. Church may have enough. Maybe a little late for them. What better what better place to go. It is sunday. Look i'm just saying you live with with to opie we got cynicism all right exactly. I don't have a boomer. Father whatever generation you are was the one. After boomer i don't know gen-x the thing is genetic after boomer at the generation that came after them Well you know some say oh. You mean the generation after the boomers genetics boomer. Yeah nobody prehistoric. Nobody cares about that though. Talk about it being the the greatest generation ever really what happened during that generation World war two. You know they came back and what about the great depression that was probably part only front country back so we're going to corona right now dan. we're trump. Yeah so you know. I mean we go through i last we. We might be we greatest know we get out of this you know. I don't know the greatest generation given all the stuff that we've gone through at least it's still going through. that's true. welcome back as banter or done with the banter back guys. Another episode of boomer and lineal episode boomer and the millennial date do i'm ready to boomer marmande millennial and Thank you for joining us once again episode. Who knows ten me. I think it's ten or eleven can never keep up but we are coming up when anniversary. This is facts Next one because we march de during the morning dean bidding of the pandemic. Well it's a special day. Yeah it is. Valentine's day happy valentine's day thanks. Valentine's day youtube. Sorry to record valentine's day on what's going on. I just had so many plans with. Yeah yeah it's also black history month but you know you spending valentine's day with your parents so that's a good thing. Yeah i mean it's totally cool people. You love yeah. Valentine's day is not just about significant. Others you know what i mean this is. This is the first time that. I've been single on valentine's day in quite some time. Though i will say that and i just you know that's a hick so yeah you didn't know what you mean your granddaddy used to see how used to break up with his girlfriend right before christmas. Did he make up like after new years. Have the new right then. They have like this huge argument. Like the end of january beginning of february and then on the fifteenth sixteenth like. Oh hey i'm sorry. I misunderstood you on valentine's day. I think we should work this out. He's getting even have to do anything. I know it's kind of genius. Yeah that is so i. He was such a cazenove. He did have one problem though. He didn't know that he thought you call. You know when you were serious about somebody dating you know a friend. Yeah he would call him his fiancee. How do you make that how you make. That was state. There's a big worse as a big day. That's a big difference and you can imagine you know the young lady was like. Oh my goodness is got big fiance. Yeah he was like. Oh yeah i guess because he got that kind of response you know. He was like cool to christmas. Yeah right you can't be my fiance. When i thought we getting married. I guess we're gonna hit him that that's what it meant. Yeah he was like. Yeah we gotta we gotta dial that back a little bit care but anyway it's it's it's it's i don't know also saints sentence. Please please say sentence. So you modernize your mom. And i had this thing about. We would just you know if you really. If you celebrated a holiday holiday. But valentine's day on fifteenth you'd be good to go man could get flowers candy and a card for about fifteen thirteen bucks. Yeah sometimes not bad. Yeah so. I guess i'll be telling your mom have you tomorrow. Right right yeah. It's it's valentine's day somewhere in the world right exactly so you learning a lot from the boomer here. Yeah i see i mean. Apparently apparently i. Yeah so i'm single. And i have no valentine but that's okay You know life goes on. Yeah you got to do two things one. You got some very good advice okay. No good advice but in the second thing is you have a new tattoo. Yeah why did you disagree. Grace kings just love. You love vaguely talking about my life. Before i can even get to it like suppose. I didn't want to tell people oops now. It's not even that. I think yes. I did get a new tattoo. I'm a few days ago. Here's my thing though. My thing is. I don't really like i don't really like just flaunting it like i won't. I won't like post about them on social media and stuff. I have a lot of friends who do that. They'll get a new tattoo. Tattoo them and like. Oh look my tattoo that i don't post about. I'm guarantee you a lot of people. Don't even know how many i have or have seen all of them. I'm just saying. I mean it must bother you too much giving you ever almost asleep. Yeah almost we're almost done but yeah this won't hurt. I'm not gonna lie was pretty bad. Well it looks nice. Thanks no derm is yeah you got to take it off. Saran wrap wound healing it. I guess it's doing everything done safely. Yeah everything yeah i mean. They're super kobe. Friendly like in kinney was wearing a mask face shield. Okay yeah like well. this is not your first one. Yeah yeah this is actually my fourth one. But i got nam sorry. This is actually my during kobe. Kobe because i got four kind of all one two three four all at the same time and then this one but yeah so. This was kind of like my valentine's day gift to myself. I guess you could say. I've been working madman. This week drained me. Yeah i mean you've been really doing a lot you getting up early. Yeah coming in late thursday. I got up at four thirty. Got home at four thirty in the morning. Yeah that was tough.

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