What Made the Indonesian Plane Crash? New Report Sheds Light


Let's start with an update a preliminary report on the The indonesian airline crash Boeing seven thirty seven five hundred at jakarta on the ninth of january. Twenty twenty one. You'll remember last height. The impact of the java sea and so on the february twenty twenty one indonesia's k and k t released their preliminary report. They reported at the time of issuing this preliminary report. The memory unit of the cockpit voice recorder has not been recovered and the search is continuing. So they're still looking for that darn thing. The cayenne katie reported. The sequence of events on board of the aircraft has known so far. Let's see on the ninth of january boeing's seven five hundred aircraft registration peak. Ac l. c. was being operated by Pt swabia err on us scheduled passenger flight from Soekarno-hatta international airport jakarta to so by the international airport in pontianak pontianak. I don't know. I guess this alaska. No the flight number was S j y one eight two. According to the flight plan filed the fuel endurance was three hours and fifty minutes at seven. Thirty six Ut see which fourteen thirty six local time in daylight conditions flight one eighty two part to five right of jakarta there are two pilots four flight attendants and fifty six passengers on board the aircraft at fourteen thirty six forty six local time. The one eighty two flight pilot contacted terminal. East controller was instructed I want eight flight. One eight two identified on departure. The the standard instrument departure unrestricted climb level to nine. Oh the instrument instruction was read back by the pilot at fourteen. Thirty six fifty one. The flight data recorder recorded that or flight data recorder reported that the auto pilot system engaged and at an altitude of nineteen hundred and eighty feet was engaged. I guess at fourteen thirty eight forty to the flight data recorder recorded that as the aircraft climbed past eight thousand one hundred and fifty feet. The thrust lever of the left engine started reducing while thrust lever position to the right engine in didn't move. The fdr also recorded the left engine and one was decreasing. The right engine and one remained the same at fourteen. Thirty eight fifty one. The flight one eighty two pilot requested to the terminal east controller for a heading changed two zero seven five degrees to avoid weather and the controller approved the request at fourteen. Thirty nine fifty. Four the controller instructed the flight to climb to an altitude of thirteen thousand feet and the instruction was read back by one of the one eighty two flight one eighty two pilots. This was the last known recorded audio radio transmission by the flight. The flight data recorder flight data recorded recorded. The aircraft altitude was about ten thousand nine hundred feet which was the highest altitude recorded. In the flight. Data recorder before the aircraft started. Its descent the autopilot system then disengaged at that point on heading of zero one six degrees the pitch angle was about four and a half degrees nose up and the aircraft rolled to the left to more than forty five degrees. The thrust lever position. The left engine continued decreasing while the right engine. Thrust lever remained at the same position. At fourteen forty local time the flight data recorder the throttle system disengaged and the pitch angle was more than ten cents. X knows down. No it must be ten degrees download little little Translation issue with the text. I think what we use to snag. These articles

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