A highlight from 063 The Stanley Hotel made famous by The Shining



We take go story or paranormal event. Look into its complete history. Rebecca then gives us evidence proving that this story is real and my job to debate those pieces of evidence. Inky you the listener prepared to vote on if it's real or not if you haven't yet please describe button in as always where your host i'm pat and i'm rebecca. What's been going on rebecca. Well it's been hard to do much of anything. But i wanted to share that with the weather. Sorry that's why do anything a we've all been frozen though we are buying finally But i just wanted to share some friends of mine. We love to watch horror movies. You know we do like a horror fast. I think i've mentioned this before every year. Obviously with everything going on. That hasn't happened but we have instituted a twice a we earn twice a week every two week horror movie night because you know all those streaming services now have like watch parties so we can get together and catch up on all these horror movies that we've missed in the theater streaming all of that stuff really great we should do. A cobra kai watch party. Yes you would can come coyotes. You'd have to start with the original crotty kid of way into it. Yes watch every single one. So have you guys watched the shining as one of your movies. You know what we haven't but we've all seen it all. Certainly that's that's a classic. That's out there and i'm very excited that that's a part of this episode today. Oh yeah it's your favorite movie. No what i'm sorry. I'm one of 'em. I kind of like stephen king. I don't think that the movie is the best version of his book. However like jack nicholson. I will say i did. We watch it. Because obviously this episode. And i will say i liked it better because they think it's been awhile since i've read the book so i was a little more open to the changes and could see it a little bit better But yeah it wasn't quite as come you know. The the book is always better. Yeah now how about you. What's been going on with you. I have been putting together a secret project for ghostly. Secret project for closely. Yeah it is called ghostly radio right now but that's that's what it is and what what it is is we have. We tried to do an internet radio station before grossly. Yes but the service was horrible. It would only play the last three episodes that we did and it didn't allow us to choose anything or like pick any times for anything. Well i found another service that is really cool and it allows us to do it. And not only. Does it allow us to do it. We might be able to bring in some other paranormal shows. Oh nice so like a a full twenty four seven ghostly slash paranoia. Podcasts are paranormal friends. Radio yes friends hair friends. Yeah so if you want to check that out it's it's in. Its beta beta. Stages right now is ghostly podcast dot com slash radio.

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