The Content Glut With Adam Lederer


Hey how's it going champion sharks With us against adam lederer. I pronounced your name correctly on his a a great Quick question is it like a french name or not no. I think it wasn't french company. Visited but i'm just from like standard eastern european jewish sucked so any that like smelly soups. That's run from okay. Okay cool cool. So yeah if you don't mind telling the people who you are and where to confined you ran on what you do. Yeah so i am a writer and a producer and pearly ready for a show on netflix. Do animated show. That should come out and the day it goes up but will come out at some point in the future and You can find me at my name. Add with an underscore at the end of it out on twitter. And i think it's just an clubhouse nuts where at t and i met i don't know i can t either one you know i'm fine. I'm just that's that's okay Funny you weren't a few people who actually does Productive rooms on in constructive rooms on clubhouse. I make you've been there longer than the signal to noise. Ratio is pretty awful on there now like it wasn't that rare to find a constructive room when i first got on clubhouse so it wasn't that hard to Make your acquaintance. Plus we both know our gabriella. Who's a a friend of the show and that's how we met but nowadays it's the signals noise ratio is is awful but it's There's discussions on there. I feel like. I'm down on a lot and i wanna make people think you know. It's the total hellhole. But no it's not. There's still a lot of good discussion on there and stuff. But there's a of ilan though like i was gonna say i wonder like why did you get on it. Like what airline. What now late november. I sort of wonder this is like the natural progression social media in real time which is like sort of a curve where breaking mortgage zafy relate the online barkley. He will find it business coaches and so we just sort of hit that exact moment like it's weird seeing were now like this sort of late stage tech two point now where we we know how these social media companies actually function so. I think you're right. There definitely are still interesting people. But i wonder if like either one of the later than did it would just be immediately sort of disenchanted with a you know. Kinda weird is that i finished. The life cycle of what's happening with clubhouses very predictable. Every social media app has a saturation point. But this is the fastest. I ever seen it like. I feel like. I saw years worth decline in two months like like twitter. Had a good like two years of being pretty fun before you realize okay. This is getting kind of toxic. And i mean it's a slightly different crowd. I think ruined twitter. I feel that it's the it's the league in my blind right. Yeah exactly someone lengthen meets. I forgot how somebody put it but someone put it really well. The worst parts of twitter meets the worst parts of lincoln. was a brit. Great way to put it and then there was a third ingredient. It'll it'll come it'll come to me. It was one of those like conferences. Gallows or one of those things. Bigly remember something along those life. Ted talks this differently. This definitely. a big Ted talks ted talks by by two. It there's definitely a big tech. Ted talks vibe to it The worst parts of twitter part. I think is coming because a lot of the a lot of the Social justice types now have have kind of discovered it kind discovered it as well which doesn't which doesn't help because they're having a lot of triggering and trauma and violence conversations on there and kind of Bullying people and everything in. That part's kind of kind of nasty too. But you still have. Good rooms in there You had recently. Oh i appreciate that. 'cause i was worried even a good rooms we start getting overrun by the bad people but i think yours are so smart that they just naturally filter pop into your room. Sometimes that people are. I know trolley and then this kind of leave stink. There's nothing pretty distinct. Two teeth in to as far as drama like very drama. Free smart rooms. Yeah not very messy. I guess also. I think part of it is like you were talking about the like sort of matter. Rooms pop up direct comments on other rooms here. And i feel like it's almost like this falls red pill blue pill thing that happens. You don't actually have to gauge. That stuff is just like people think that there's this binary choice if you don't sort of like the red meat or you don't name room something that is like specifically supposed to be provocative it generally doesn't attract those people anyway and as like you know the one thing i says going forward is opposed to twitter is like i think audio Voice sort of lends a certain level of nuance. And you can. You can have opinion taken. You information that change your opinion of all the real time with taxes life. It's almost like tattoos on the internet. And you don't have the ability. You have to trickle down because you can't admit defeat in that same way.

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