The Story Behind Santa Cruz's Mountain Route

Bay Curious


Today. Reporter peter cooney and i are taking you on the journey of how a cutting edge railroad became mostly rumbling tunnels to nowhere support for bay. Curious comes from sierra. Nevada brewing company family owned operated and argued over since one thousand nine hundred eighty proud supporter of independent thought whether that's online over the air or in a bottle more at sierra nevada dot com so peter. Were not the only ones intrigued by these tunnels right. Nope turns out. There are a lot of folks obsessed with old railroads local historian. Derek really is one of them. His obsession began in two thousand twelve when he stumbled on a piece of lost history. A southern pacific station book which is literally what sounds like. It's just a book that lists all the stations dated from eighteen ninety nine it just fascinated me because it had all these stops at before towns like oma rights laurel that despite growing up in santa cruz county he never knew existed. Anti just started looking for them. Derek two books about the twenty five mile stretch of track known as the mountain route align that once connected los gatos. And what's now silicon valley to santa cruz by traversing the rocky peaks and lush forests of the santa cruz mountains. So those are the same crumbling. Tunnels that we visited earlier. Exactly here's how author h s need ler described the journey and his eighteen ninety-five book through story land to sunset seeds. The ride is one which rivals anything up the chester division or over the sierras. For though the mountain groups are not so massive. The effects are equally fine. How did this beautiful ride come about. We need to go back a little and introduce you to a wealthy entrepreneur named james graham fair.

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