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Double elvis a composer slowly killed by the smell of burnt rubber. A blue singer busted by knox in back galley and san antonio a train filled with rockstars barreling across the canadian prairie a helicopter touching down unannounced and uninvited on the front yard of a country music. Megastar what do all these things have in common janice joplin from her rude says. A bullied ostracized teenager to or stunning. Rise to international superstardom the story of janice joplin short life still resonates today more than fifty years after death because the story of janice joplin is not just her story. It's the story of san francisco. The summer of love and a turbulent decade in american history. It's the story of the hells angels from brotherly protectors to backstabbing enemies. It's the story of acid and beer and we'd found on the side of the highway in nebraska and also the story of the harder. Stuff the stuff that you have to run far away. From all the way to rio de janeiro in order to escape it's the story of a feminist icon whose message of empowerment was so subversive at the fbi or file on her. And it's the story of a rock and roll singer the rock and roll singer of the nineteen sixties the one who crystallized the psychedelic blue sound became a legend for her incendiary performance. And it's a story that and suddenly at the age of twenty seven. The twenty seven club is back. The twenty-seven a serialized podcast about iconic rockstars. Who died at the age of twenty seven returns with the story of janice joplin on thursday april twenty. Second two thousand twenty one. Twenty seven club is hosted by me. Jay brennan the creator of disgrace. Land the award. Winning music and true crime podcast. Each season of the twenty seven club focuses on one immortal artist who became a member of music's most infamous club by dying sometimes mysteriously at the age of twenty seven season one featured twelve episodes on jimi hendrix in season two told the story of jim marrs bowl seasons are available free to binge in their entirety right now in starting on april twenty second. We'll tell you the story of rock 'n roll's greatest error from the perspective of the woman who in many ways to find janice joplin. The twenty seven club is a weekly show. Episodes are released every thursday. Like this graceland this is an adult storytelling podcast. It is not for children. The twenty seven club returns with season. Three on april twenty. Second two thousand and twenty one and is produced by double elvis in partnership with iheartradio finding fall. Twenty seven club on the iheartradio apple podcasts. Google podcasts join the club.

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