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Hey everyone welcome to the new media. Show my name is todd cochran. Of course i'm joined by my co. His mr rob greenlee rob how you doing. I'm doing terrific todd. it's great to be here and Doing the show it's a it's always It's always fun doing the show because we can. We can kind of play around with podcasting a little bit and try different things. And you've all yes we can and We are devolving this week right well. That may be higher. You might want to look at it Some is a positive evolution. It depends on how one looks at this right. Yeah so we've been Going to episodes for how long about a year since just after the whole pandemic kobe thing yeah and i think last week was a an example of we were a little short on news and we struggled to get through the show and So you know. We've gotten a couple of emails from some people. Give me some advice. I got a cat intruding on the in the show. So basically we're gonna we're gonna go back to one episode week and to try to for the first time ever give me a full weekend at. We're going to go on wednesdays for a while and see how that works out. I think back even even my own experience. It's it's been. I mean. I started doing my radio show that i started in nineteen ninety nine Do sunday mornings so. It's It's been twenty years. The aso doing doing shows on saturday mornings said so. This is a big change. Yes ten years plus for me of doing saturday morning shows it. We'll see what happens. You know we're going to you know. See how this goes for a little while and see if it makes sense to do this on wednesday in verses saturdays and we'll see Those same times is what we're doing here Three pm eastern noon pacific. And we'll see how it goes. And i think maybe we'll play around with how long the show is to. Maybe it'll be sixteen minutes. Maybe it'll be ninety minutes. It kind of depends on how much we have to talk about. I think so and a couple of listened to one thing to remember about the video portion of the show there there has been no off the audio doesn't get processed on the video of you re watch us on youtube or you rewatch us on facebook or you re watch us on twitter. The audio hasn't been touched and in the podcast episode. The audio has been touched. So we'd gotten some feedback on the last episode the had even been published based upon the audio was in basically on the one of the streams. so yeah so. Just be aware of that from a from audio processing standpoint but We do care about the audio volume or quality. Clear out on all of our distribution pathways. But yeah i mean they're s- we're still tweaking and improving. I know i am here to with my my tools and things and it's it's i think it's getting better. I mean i don't know how i sound. I sometimes don't know how this sounds. Historically i bel- he's been louder than you and even today i'm louder than you but it seems like every time i turn you up on my side. That always invokes. Some issues were that be feedback or something like that. So traditionally. You've always been a little quieter than me live. But you should not be louder than we should be pretty equal on the on the produce audio sound right and also i've been thinking a little bit too and i i. I did create an outline for the show today. Us trying to push on that a little bit so we we have a list of things to talk about and this is typically what i've done with podcasting over the years that i've been doing it Is to create kind of an outline discussion that you can stick to as being that you that you have to stick to it or you have to say everything that's in it or anything like that We're still going to keep this loose. And if todd has something that he wants the mentioned you know he's gonna jump in but at least it applies a little bit structure little bit more structure than we've had and And you know we'll see how that goes in and see how it works. I would still like taught to do something on clubhouse for the show and maybe it's something that we do later in the week that's Maybe related to the show that we do here but isn't necessarily recorded Or live streamed or something like that. It's just done native to clubhouse so i don't know i. I don't know what you think about that. Todd you think a good idea yeah. It's a potential. I guess we'll just have to figure out. Went how when and where and i don't want to i don't necessarily wanna replaced clubhouse for the second show that we're not doing a week. I know i do right. That's the idea. yeah right. Yeah if we decide to go back to second show. And i think we have gotten feedback taught if you think back beyond you know. Some of the auditing problems that we've had. I think we asked the audience if they want to do. Two shows a week in the feedback. Back then was the they do so. I think we'll see how this goes. We get the audio stabilized. People may you know like to hear from us twice a week it. I guess it gets back to to do. We have enough talk about yeah. That's the big. That's my big challenges. You know well it also how busy we are. You know like what has been seen in the podcasting news. Lipson has been a little busy lately. And i'm in a bit a little busy too so it makes it hard to do a lot of prep for two shows a week so but that's something that you know we'll we'll play. It played as we go along here anyway. Go sounds sounds like a plan and we'll go from there. And like i say this and time cease decisions are made by he. Would he think i. And when rob said hey how do you think about going back to one show. I'm like yes so it was no problem for me because it in all honesty. I'm ben actually behind on stuff because personal stuff. Because i can't because it's star i have to come in here by about ten thirty start at twelve one thirty two. You know there's four hours gone you know. So that's like half half the saturdays right about the the pre and the post on this. And when i was in hawaii we started the show at six. Am and i was done by eight so it wasn't a big deal. You're the one that was on the other end suffering later so yeah so now okay for now. One show week on wednesdays and then everyone can enjoy it or not. You know. we can have a life to todd. That's the other dads. That's part of it as well. I agree but Anyway enough on the format of the show. Let's talk about yes. What is in your list. Just yeah it all have. We seen google podcasts. Hit a new milestone in podcasting. Here i pod. New seems to think we have. I don't know if this is. This is news. Do you todd. I'm i guess they've had what what's a hundred million installations of Google podcasts now. Val they've had no. They've said they've reached a hundred million downloads downloads. I thought Downloads of episodes. Yeah yeah okay. Y-

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