Ethics: Is It OK To Break A Rule?


Today. We're going to tackle an ethical question if you're a long-time listener of this show. You may have heard me. Ask you for your thoughts on this question before. Hi my name is finn for. I'm from seattle washington and my age is time that it might question is is located to do something you told not to do and then never tell anybody. We've talked about ethics in some of our other episodes like the one about how we treat animals differently depending on where we're from and how we're raised basically ethics is how you behave based on what you believe is right and wrong. You might hear fins question and think of course. You shouldn't break a rule and do something you're not supposed to. It is not okay to do something that you're not supposed to do. It's not okay to break rule when you break and don't tell anybody it's not good no because it would be bad. No that will be no because it's usually just mean to get in trouble because you're gonna big trouble. I okay that no because we knew it again trouble now because it's not good if you get into a no because you're sort of lying and not doing what people asked you to that was gabby gabrielle. Juniper elliott corwin prudence and cleo. They all told us. They think it's not okay to do something you're not supposed to and then not tell anyone but we also heard from some of you who think well maybe sometimes it is. Okay it depends on what it is like if you're told to stay in the house but something happens and you have to leave that slyke a different thing. It's not okay to not tell anybody but it you if you do have to like leave or do something that your parents are semi tells you not to do. Then you should do to should tell

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