Do You Truly Have What It Takes To Succeed (Part 4) - burst 3


That is that you're having to spend money constantly and you have really no net profit. And that's it's gotten worse because commission the agent side of the transaction of fallen. We're all the reasons you guys know. Or if you don't listen to our podcast but really at the end of the day the big team model the buying business model the branding model the marketing model. It absolutely does not work in a market. Like this and it will probably never really work at all ever in any market because it's become expensive and all those ideas have become over saturated and oversaturated simply means the you have too many people doing the same thing. I forgot to put my phone. We're recording. everything's good. But i forgot to do a setting my phone better fix before i screwed up who. We're good okay. All right so that's really and so if you decide to for example. And let's say the market slows down. Or let's say you have a key staff member or let's say you have some other headwind happened in your business but you still have. That fixed cost. You still have all those buyer's agents that neither buyer agent leads or you still have all the branding in the marketing bills that you have to pay. But for whatever reason the market slows down there's lots of things that caused markets to slow down the most recent when you guys will probably remember is the pandemic. i remember after september eleventh. The market just dropped like a rock and there've been a lot of other things like that and every that happens all the agents who have all this high level of fixed costs and low profit margin businesses. They all basically go they go out of business so fast and they go out of business in such a way that it's slow and painful because what they do is they try to keep their business model which is very inefficient. Not profit focused. They tried to keep it alive using their own personal refinance. Their house they'll sell rental properties in other words. Still the piss away whatever network. Dave accumulated just to keep this bad business. Model alive in this all comes down to basically essentially having the maturity to realise that they made again to my point earlier they essentially without knowing it they chose the path of what they perceived to be the least resistance in other words they decide to buy their business and marketing enhanced opposed to doing the way we prescribe which is being proactively generation based and then marketing enhanced. If you choose to market enhanced that at all which you probably won't and so because of the fact that they got on that marketing bandwagon. They never really lured. How had proactively generate. They never really learned the art and science of running a very profitable real estate business or business in general and so they only find out essentially something happens. That causes their business to be put back on their heels. And i want you to think about this if you're proactively based business and you're not buying leads and you don't have a big team and you're spending all your money on all this ridiculous ego. Stop and the biz in the market Pivots sales slowdown. You're not you're fine. You're right as rain there. You don't have a bunch of lead weights strapped your ankles sick napoleon. The by the ocean inform fixed costs. Do you when you're running a very profitable business. You

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