Canada Has More New COVID-19 Cases per Capita Than US


Cases of covert per capita than the United States. Of course, that country's population is only a fraction of ours. In fact, there are more people in California than in Canada. But it is really a dire situation for our neighbor to the North. Canada is one of the only countries in the world with significant outbreaks of three variants. At the same time, the UK, Brazilian and South African versions. The vaccine rollout just can't keep up. It's so bad that the CDC said earlier this month. Even fully vaccinated Americans should not travel to Canada. We're going to talk about all this now with Adam Miller. He's a senior health writer with the CBC and he's joining us from Toronto. Hi. Hi. Thanks for having me Well. It certainly is shocking to most of us to hear what's happening in your country. What is happening? What's driving this third wave? Yeah, that's a great question. Um You know, we've gotten off to a slow start with our vaccination roll out just because of the fact that candidate doesn't really have a domestic manufacturing capacity here. So all of our vaccines to date have come from other countries like India and the Europe and we're obviously gotten some AstraZeneca vaccines from the U. S is well recently, so We don't have that built in capacity to manufacture our own vaccines yet we're hoping to build that up now and in the coming years, But it's not something that we can really draw on right now. So we're really hoping that the U. S will. Open up. It's vaccine supply. But the priority, of course, is U. S citizens And we totally understand that. And I think the prime minister here understands that but hopefully down the road we get to a point where even you know some of the drug companies in the U. S. Will be able to give us more shipments because we're really at the kind of Whim of whatever they decide, because, like I said, we don't have any domestic manufacturing capacity is it that you don't have the capacity or they just made the decision not to

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