A highlight from Have You Ever Been Told to Lose Weight for Better Cholesterol Numbers?


Wagner. I am a registered and licensed titian and with me today is brittany johnson who is also a registered and licensed dietician of us have clients who are concerned about their cholesterol numbers and have been told to lose weight in order to bring their cholesterol numbers down. So here's a great question. Does your weight affect your cholesterol or is that just a myth. It does seem that every health problem is blamed on a person's weight. I agree theresa or most people. In general do not blame health problems on eating processed carbs going through the fast food lane but instead they put all the blame and what people way so today we wanna help our listeners understand that the cholesterol and eggs does not affect the cholesterol in your blood but the real culprit is the sugar you are eating. That makes cholesterol. That may be a totally new concept for many of you listening. So we're gonna explain this in a lot of detail throughout today show. Is it warned. Understand the role that clitoral plays and heart health because cardiovascular disease is one killer of people in the united states today cardiovascular disease causes attacks stroke sudden cardiac deaths sexual dysfunction and poor circulation. Here's a surprising fact. Twenty percent of people who have suffered a heart attack actually have a normal cholesterol profile. Isn't that interesting cluster profile. So you might wonder why cholesterol or excuse me why cardiovascular disease is still the number one killer of americans maybe you're thinking i'm taking a statin medication for my cluster. Also i must be safe in the past. We were told that unfavorable cholesterol profile was the leading cause of heart disease and stroke but today elevated blood sugar levels prediabetes and diabetes. Lack of exercise and weight gain which is called. Metabolic syndrome are actually the number one cause of cardiovascular disease but for some reason when heart disease comes up we are always told to lower the saturated fat and cholesterol. Yeah without fail. I mean. I don't know about you. But a lot of clients they'll come in to how to improve their cholesterol numbers and You know reduce the risk of heart disease and then they tell me what they've been told and it's completely different information than what we're talking about today so it's confusing. It is confusing confusing. And you know there's several risk factors for heart disease now.

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