A highlight from 1526: The Best Form of Exercise When Time Is Limited, the Effectiveness of Tracking Calories Weekly Vs. Daily, How to Avoid Body Image Obsession When Training for Aesthetics & More

Mind Pump


Apparently obsessed and monte-carlo told some stories about the time i went to monte carlo. Then we talked about tyler pez and we bought a bunch of companies that went bankrupt trying to speculate on what is going to do with those companies. Then we talked about how tonal just got. Two hundred fifty million bucks ruse. That's dollars an investment money. So we speculated on whether or not that was overpriced. I talk about the guido di probably the most effective diet You'll might try. You're guaranteed to lose weight that we talked about the eight year old girl scout. Who thirty two thousand boxes of cookies champion. She's going somewhere then. Justin talked about worms. A fifty thousand. I don't have them anymore. At least just put that out. Then we talk about oakland's racist uba policy. Thanks oakland And then we talked about cbd. The immune system can avenue aids and our favorite hemp oil product. That makes you feel good. Which is one of our sponsors ned. You gotta try this stuff out. It's full spectrum. Hemp oil extract. You feel it all right if you've tried other products and you're like i don't even feel anything. Try ned. you actually feel it and of course because he was so mind. Pumpkin a discount go to hello. Ned dot com. That's h. e. n. e. d. dot com slash mind pump. Use the code pump for fifteen percent off. Then we got him to the questions. The first question this person says. Look i work from home. It's hard for me to get a lot of steps in during the day. If i only have an hour to work out. Should i do all on resistance training or should take fifteen to twenty minutes of that to more steps. The next question this person says is it. Better to count daily calories or weekly calories. The third question this person says. How do i train for aesthetics while staying detached from my body image and the final question. This person wants to know if we have any strategies in our personal training businesses to create efficiency through automation. So if you're trainer he'll like that last question also april that means we have a new promotion. It is getting summer is almost here. Everybody that

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