A highlight from Drawn To IT Podcast - EP 64 - With Chris Sauve, 2D Animator, Director, Supervisor

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They look forward to working with you in the near future. Everybody welcome back to drawn to a podcast today. We have christova who is a fantastic to d. n. mater he's canadian alumni of sheridan college has worked on many disney feature films and feature films elsewhere. Some great canadian shows like the raccoons and Yeah a fantastic interview. And he was so generous with his time his stories. It's all coming up right now on drawn to podcasts. Simplisafe reason to comics. Shucks clay brought. Doesn't matter how do you create because you don't and If you've listened to a few you probably know that my first question is that crossroads that we can overly to where you're just out of high school and you have to decide on the rest of your life. And i'd love to hear what that was for you while let's see Yeah i had this fortunate thing in in Where i grew up where i grew up in mississauga. Which is just if anybody doesn't know it's right on the outskirts of toronto and It just so happens that mississauga geographically lands right between toronto in oakville oakville was where sheridan college is. Insured in colleges. has agreed animation. Course there So in twelfth grade they did a thing with our twelfth entire twelfth grade class where they had as visit certain colleges now up until that point. I had an interest in animation. I've actually done it. In in in a class in eleventh grade and twelfth grade called still march they had classical philmont's and we may essentially essentially they gave a had got us into groups and gave us great cameras and told us to go out mix make movies and then but part of it in one of it was animation and It but to roll back from that. I i already had an interest in animation before so i loved wrong Draw cartoon characters. All the time and i understood animation chance to do it like i said in eleventh grade. I when i think about it now. There was a lot of things they did with that. I didn't know how to do animation. I was just doing what i thought it would be. And i ended up i. I actually drew it on. Overhead clear overhead sheets enormous overhead projector. Ya the clear thing and it would projected onto a screen for the classroom so they gave me a whole pack of those. And i think there were like eight half by eleven clear sheets right and they had a marker and i drew it with mark but i was actually doing Like i actually had like multiple layers of stuff like had Like a car or something rolling wheels on a different level and it wasn't something i knew.

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