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State, the first event treatments and surgery for so called a transgender youth Republican controlled house and said it but it override governor. Hutchinson's veto the measure, which prohibits doctors from providing hormone treatment, puberty, blockers, or surgery to anyone under 18 years old or from referring them to other providers for the treatment. Dr Hutchinson. I was told this week that the nation is looking at Arkansas. But the most recent action of the General Assembly, while well intended is off course, Family Search council says while the Republican governor wouldn't save our sons and daughters from irreversible harm, the common sense legislators and Arkansas did. Opponents of the measure have vowed to sue to block the band before it takes effect in the summer. Minneapolis Police Department to use of force instructor testified at the trial of former officer Derrick Show. Then he was charged in the death of George Floyd. Lieutenant Johnny Marcil says officers are trained on restraining combative suspects using a knee. We tell us to stay away from the neck when possible, and if you're going to use body weight to come Put it on her shoulder and be mindful of position. Several experienced officers, including the police chief himself, testified. George Floyd should not have been kept pinned on the pavement for close to 9.5 minutes. How long based on your training? Experiences it typically take to render a person unconscious using a neck restraint. My experiences under 10 seconds Jake from court TV record shows, Shobin underwent training in the use of force in 2016 and 2018 and had been certified to perform CPR. I'm Ed Donahue. Israel's for president Tuesday had a private Mr Netanyahu the difficult task of trying to form a new government, giving the embattled Israeli leader a chance to extend his lengthy term in office. This is town hall dot com. Pounds and pounds

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