A highlight from My College Experience in a Nutshell (Part 1)


Spring semester. Two thousand eighteen for one is the first semester. I got to go outside of campus to report. For example i cover a civil court case regarding property dispute. I attended a neighborhood council meeting a few blocks away from my house. The semester is also the continuation of my second year in a university pep band when the semester starting in january. I didn't anticipate ticky of what might become the most fun semester. I've had the band. Ceaseless women's basketball team was on fire. The band include myself as a every home game. Cheer them since. I commuted campus every day. I would always stay on campus on game days and usually at the library either doing homework or studying between my last class and before the game starts fast four to march college basketball playoff time. The men's basketball team missed the playoffs that year but the women's basketball team was in for a journey. It all began on march six when the band cheerleaders and dance team border buses to cal state. Fullerton where the first round of conference playoffs was being played like the year before we had snacks on board. We played mario kart embalmer man. We told stories and dare homework using our phones as hot spots that night season defeated hawaii the first round playoffs

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