A highlight from #65: A Mindset for Self-Compassion

Mindset for Life


For episode number sixty five. Were going to be talking about self compassion. I'm overjoyed to speak with you about this subject. Especially because i myself have been in need of a lot of self compassion lately in my lifetime. There used to be this huge emphasis on self esteem. I'm not sure if you were raised under similar circumstances or concepts but during my younger childhood and early youth this was a really big deal self esteem was about having confidence feeling good about yourself and it was often thought to lead to happiness. Self esteem though requires comparison in really self esteem is about acknowledging all those positive things about yourself. rarely does self esteem include your negative attributes. In fact we kind of want to diminish those and talk about only. The things are going right. In contrast self compassion is about acknowledging. Your humanness the ability to be both strong and weak and having compassion on yourself when those weaker times appear. This is such an interesting idea in terms of thinking in an outward way or with an outward mindset outward mindset. Thinking is something that i've thought a lot about in the last couple of years in particular the idea of living with an outward mindset or outweigh of being means that we see ourselves as just as good as other people and we see ourselves and others as human beings both with strengths and weaknesses goals objectives needs and challenges in contrast inward. Nece is seeing ourselves as the only thing that matters the only person who matters something like that when we're inward and only seeing ourselves we're actually kind of absorbed in self judgment or we might be promoting ourselves as being more important than other people. Think about the last time you had a degree of self-criticism in your mind about something. Maybe you relate to do something. You didn't get around to accomplishing task. You thought you should do or maybe it was in relationship. If you're a parent you might easily beat yourself up about not being a better parent or criticize yourself for over doing it.

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