How Cheat Meals Can Add Extra Fat Cells

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If you eat the calorie deficit all week and then have a cheat meal. Will you gain fat cells and is that considered yo yo dieting. Okay so yo yo. Dieting is more of Extremely strict restriction and then kind of an extreme bulk yo-yo dieting for more to kind of dysfunctional eating. Now she meals can fall in that category. I hate using that term cheat meal because it encourages this kind of on the wagon off the wagon mentality which tends to turn into dysfunctional leading. So what i tend to do. Is i tell the tell. I tend to tell people you're going to be on this deficit and then once a week we're gonna have you in a surplus rather than saying it's a cheat meal now. The science on this actually supports the metabolism boosting effects and the muscle preserving effects of doing this. In fact it was one study where they compared people who were on a continual deficit to people who were on a deficit and with some intermittent periods where they would eat more calories and they found that jumping the calories up here and they're actually resulted in more fat loss and less muscle loss bodybuilders of known this for a long time And i've seen this with people that i've worked with that being said this is a controlled environment in a controlled amount of surplus. Which i think more to the point of this question is what. I think how people are using it now. It's like oh. I'm in this. I follow my diet. You know six days a week. And i'm in this calorie deficits hundred a day. And then sunday's i can eat whatever i want you know and then and i think it's. It's turned into this thing where you know not counting. I'm off. I follow this weeks. All eat like an asshole. I you know and so and into that. Yes you could. I mean we talked about this with Lane norton lane came in. And we talked about how you could add fat cells I don't think at cheat meal would do a cheat day Definitely

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