A Conversation With Award Winning Actress, Viola Davis


It's really hard being an actor and interviewing you. Because all i really wanted to be doing. It's like sitting in an empty theater asking you questions. And then getting to guns of de scenes walk you move your your most recent beautiful lorraine is black bottom twice now and i don't know where to start i don't know about you and i don't know where to start about chadwick boseman and that's not even talking about the supporting character who a role in their own movies. That are exclusive. I'm telling you. I'm gonna get my baseball bat and all common stars swinging around if you good either way to t- because you don plenty of that i'm going to stick to these questions first question. What relationship real or fictionalized defines love or mercy. Oh i know shadowlands. Fat film is about redemption. And the idea that love is not the absence of pain and with with so conditioned to believe that that. It's supposed to be the absence of pain that it's meant to be joy and happiness in this. It redeems. love redeems does reading. And it's not based in mystery a friend of mine at her wedding. She said something absolutely beautiful with her vows. She told her then she said i promise to love you exactly as god made you and i think that that's i mean i watch my mom. Sit by my dad's day bid when he was dying pancreatic cancer and he would he would just scream her name every two seconds may- alice malice balas and she would say dad. I'm right here. It say oh oh and then shoot. Hold him and for me that that's it.

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