A highlight from 703: For All Mankind S2E8 Review: 'And Here's To You'



I guess on tv and i am joined as always by my american counterpart jason. Snell jason. well how do y'all know two. Yeah oh no. Sorry that that. It's a season two episode of eight. And here's to you. here's to the crazy ones. Nope nope nope something else do. There's more you know we still got a lot of apple twos in this show but no macs yet so things really calm down after last week. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. There's more so last week we talked about all the things that happened and this week is what more things happened even more things. It's amazing how that happens on a tv show when it's ramping up to its finale. Exactly we're talking about the bill and pretty much everything that we saw last week. It's like last week but more so plus some other stuff. Yeah there's so much going on here. I guess let's just dive in. This is a big episode along episode to. Yeah exactly yeah. I was trying to watch it over a lunch hour. This is longer than yeah. Yeah so let's just dive in. Ellen is going to be nominated as the permanent administrator of nasa which again falls to all those issues of where she's not so sure about that because of her promises to pam she's sort of like really wanted to be out but now it's very clear that reagan loves her wants to keep going and isn't that great other than the fact i keep thinking like well. Your response should be great. Can i bring my my lesbian lover to the swearing in long pause right. We'll get back. Is there something wrong with accent but That's so that's out there. But it's a thing that she has to grapple with and she talks to pam about it and there's definitely she says you're what i want you know and i believe her right like ellen wants to be with him but i i again. I fear the tragedy of events leading her somewhere that she doesn't want to go. It's want me dichotomy to right like she. She wants to be with pam but she also feels that she needs to do this. She has responsibility right. What i'm responsible for versus what i want to do. And a lot of people ch choose duty over the personal fulfillment and that's sort of what. Oh i feel so bad for her. Yeah she stuck in untenable position is basically. There's no there's no great way out of this one. fortunately Good news the barrage shuttles. The soviet baron shuttle is being delayed. I wonder why. I hey The general feels great about that. Because he's the smart people figured out everything worked out. It's all going to be fine and we're gonna the this. This season is gonna totally end with a happy disengaging of all tensions between the us and the soviet union and soyuz apollo ushering in a new decade of peace and prosperity. Right way no way that. The handshake turns into a fistfight. Is all. I'm saying all right. Meanwhile gordo is is going to the moon. He's on the space shuttle he's going to be launched There's a moment their eds there to to put his hat on format.

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