A highlight from Friday, April 9, 2021


Taking a big step toward vaccinating kids. The house ethics panel launching an investigation into congressman matt gates as he faces a sex trafficking probe now the first fellow republican to call on him to resign. The massive volcanic eruption forcing thousands to evacuate a four mile high plume of smoke and ash. Cruise ships sent to help people escape and the grammy nominated rap star being celebrated. Tonight's this is nbc. Nightly news. with lester holt. Good evening they were one of the most famous couples in the world there. Fairytale story befitting their royal status tonight. The death of queen elizabeth's of more than seventy years. Prince philip has rocked the united kingdom and left much of the world reflecting on their enduring marriage and now crushing loss on this side of the atlantic. We woke up to the news of philip. The duke of edinburgh passing at the age of ninety nine a war veteran who married a princess before long living in her shadow when she became queen prince. Philip's death leaving a deep hole on the collective of the royal family as the pandemic dictates a scaled down farewell cure. Simmons starts us off tonight with the latest from london. Tonight's the queen in morning announcing with deep sorrow death of her beloved husband. Britain's prime minister paying tributes to prince philip's long-service no just as her consort by her side every day of rain. But his her husband has strengthened. Stay of more than seventy years. There are flags at half staff and some flowers. Police keeping crowds back. He won't no fuss and britain is in lock now so no state funeral for prince whose place in history is assured to

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