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Lost his battle with lung cancer. A devastated elizabeth just twenty five years old assumed the throne and rose to the occasion with dignity but decades later tragedy struck again in hundred ninety seven when the beloved princess. Diana was killed in a horrific car crash. The royal family grieved privately behind closed doors at their vacation home in scotland. The queen's silence met with public fury for seeming detached aloof. When the nation's heart was broken. I think the queen has always known that she was under scrutiny. And say she's always felt she has to have a stiff upper lip dressed in black. She finally spoke as a queen. A mother and a grandmother to prince william and prince. Harry it is not easy to express a sense of loss. No one who knew. Diana will ever forget her. When the queen's own mother died the monarch spent three months in morning she had an infectious zest for living and this remained with until the very end through every death every funeral prince phillip was by her side the queen calling him her strength and stay now facing her greatest loss without him kelly kobe. Nbc news london. When we come back we were

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