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Smirk transplant struggling with technology. But we're back. It's monday morning. Frost tuesday morning for you guys Going through a little bit of a masters hangover in the sense that i didn't really consume any of the odyssey heritage this past weekend. I know stewart. Cink trying to follow some storylines. But it's very difficult. We talk about this every year. Very difficult to go from watching the masters the back nine at augusta to watch you know a regular. pga tour event nevertheless there's some good storyline. So we get to that. We have dean norris on this show. If you're not familiar he was a big part of what i think. Almost all of us on the show consider maybe the best or of the best shows of all time breaking bad huge golf guy and very funny dude so we talk with him about golf. We talk about the the career the industry in terms of acting which is always fascinating to us. So listen to. That's coming up the end the show or the second half of the show and then other than that. We have frank borelli very own. Frankie borelli posted a An amazing score of seventy six. This past weekend. That when i saw that scorecard i was. I was amazed. That's just a really low number. It's a fantastically low number. And i was with my pal. Trent you know is one of those days where we had some time from recording and like you said a little bit of a masters hangover and we had a bunch of merchant. We wanted to show the people so we said. Why don't we go over to the links. The the rock. As i like to call it rockville links has become probably my home course around here. It's a nice little flat long island. Nassau county Short sixty four hundred yard but treacherous greens type of course which i've become very fond of because it's just that's my style golf course. I guess i've grown up with it And it was really good to just you know just kind of kick it back. There was no cameras and just kind of play off and boy. Was it nice to finally get some balls to go in that whole. I mean trent was there. He was He was witness. It was it was. I became like a different person. I don't know what happened. But i was taking dividends. I was draining. Fifty foot putts. It was a lot of the times we were laughing like what is happening. The putting was really the most surprising part there were. I mean you. Great ball contact day. You took the the divet that i was recording. Maybe the best thing you've ever had but the pots you were just making them from thirty forty fifty feet and to the point where we just couldn't believe it but yeah it was a good vibes day. This is my first time at rockville. I loved it at places. Great it was nice and we talked a little bit about this. When we were playing. Frankie we play very hard golf courses this podcast in general and we're spoiled we go to these fantastic places like pinehurst and all these different awesome golf courses that it was nice. I will say to play a place that was flat where it was you you can see it you just hit it and then you hit it again and you hit it in the right spot. You hit it the way you're supposed to. It's going to land on the green. I did that very rarely. When i played rockville but the idea was there and i had a great time. I shot one. Oh four not as good as frankie seventy six but it was just a good day and frankie played fucking out of his mind. There's something about stepping up to eighteen. Knowing you can take hybrid. Hit the right side of the fairway and you have one hundred sixty one hundred seventy five in and there's nothing there's nothing that's going to come out and get your. I feel like a lot of the places we play. You can hit a great shot not be rewarded for it and that kinda sucks and you get into this mode of like all right. There's really nothing i can do is just suck a golf. Meanwhile like a lot of the time. Just we're playing really really difficult golf courses now. I'm not bitching and moaning about that but it is like you're saying it's nice once in a while to kind of play regular golf course and and be able to like the greens there and nasty and thank god. We had luke there the superintendent. Who literally knows how to read. The greens was just telling. You just put the ball here now. Does that help me get to a seventy six one hundred percent so i was watching your instagram story. Obviously in every time it pan to you and you are on the green. The ball just went into the whole saying was insane. All retired now. I don't know if it's rockville. But i want to tell you got some more breaking news. I played again Yesterday and i shot a seventy nine. I mean i. I finished them on. I finished so on the front nine thirty thirty eight. And then i went home. I gotta look. I had maybe the craziest back nine of all time. It was just such a funny bag. Front night thirtieth and i went shot. Forty one in the back. I went double bogey. Bogey bogey birdie birdie double so is just like balls or fawn and holes balls are going. Ob they were falling down on trees but man that place. It isn't easier golf course. There's no there's no debating now like i'm able to not i hit maybe two drivers the whole day. So when we play places like torrey pines and we played bethpage black. I'm ripping driver all day into the wind. And i'm finding myself crazy. Bad situations that seventy turns into a fucking ninety-six cool for me. Because i'm not good at like i don't know how to recover. So let me ask you this. We talk on on this show matthew fitzpatrick coined it with his buddy texted him. Like i'm back. Do you believe now that this is the real frank. Borelli or is this and an anomaly. And an outlier. Or is this like is who you are on the golf course.

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