Walter Mondale, Former US Vice-President and Celebrated Liberal, Dies Aged 93


Former vice president Walter Mondale a liberal icon for Minnesota has died at the age of ninety three in nineteen sixty four Walter Mondale was appointed to Minnesota's U. S. Senate seat replacing his mentor Hubert Humphrey Mondale was known for his advocacy of social issues in nineteen seventy six he was Jimmy Carter's running mate when they unseated Gerald Ford Carter saying some thirty years later I felt the vice president be the best one to give me the help I needed I never had served in Boston before as you know and Chris was express NO eulogizing Mondale as the best vice president in our country's history Mondale unsuccessfully ran for president in nineteen eighty four choosing a woman as his running mate losing to Ronald Reagan in a landslide he served as ambassador to Japan in the nineties Mondale's wife Joan died in twenty fourteen three years after their daughter Eleanor Mondale is survived by two sons Jackie Quinn Washington

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