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Murder case against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Showman in the death of George Floyd has now gone to the jury 12 jurors are beginning the deliberations in a city on edge against another round of unrest. During the closing arguments today. Prosecutors argued that show been squeezed the life out of Floyd by pinning his knee against Floyd's neck last May, ignoring bystanders and common sense. The defense argued that now fired white officer acted reasonably and that the 46 year old black man died of an underlying heart condition and illegal drug use. I was on a border patrol agent Brandon Judd, who's based in the Tucson sector, weighing in now, on a traffic stop in the Valley last week where 17 illegal migrants were released. Judge says his agency could respond to DPS with help because they're too far away. And he suspects ice didn't respond because they're overtaxed. Right now, you're never more than 15 minutes away from today's top stories on Arizona's news station, Katya our news Let's check traffic. Larry Lewis's up in the Valley Chevy Dealers, Traffic Center. Well, Becky Little We've got reports of a crash now on I 17 North found. Looks like this is approaching Northern Watch for delays in that area. As for the 10, you're already seeing the brake lights out of downtown through the deck Park tunnel on the westbound side of the 10 and some war westbound 10 slowing from 43rd Avenue over to 75th Avenue. As for the 10 eastbound, you've got some brake lights on the West side. Which field over towards Avondale Boulevard, and it's a bit slow in between the mini stack transition and Jefferson. Few crashes on those surface roads, including erect 24th street at Osborne 43rd Avenue at Thomas, You've got to crash there now and wreck on Scottsdale Road. This one's gonna be just north of Thomas. This report is sponsored by Allstate. If you may have heard that Allstate has new lower auto rates, but isn't it time to see it for yourself? Visit all ST dot com or call an agent for a quote

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