Why Aaron Rodgers Should Go to Denver

Get Up!


Here's the way. I wanna finish this today. Let's put thirty seconds on the clock for everybody and kimberly. I'm going to start with you. You know one of the most common destinations we've heard for. Aaron rodgers is denver. So give me the case. In thirty seconds. Why aaron rodgers should want to be on the denver broncos. Let's go. I don't even need thirty. Three names true locked teddy bridgewater brett rippin that's it. Vn Your chance to get aaron rodgers. You get aaron rodgers because that decent. We've talked about all so long. That defense is set ready to roll. Get that offense together. And look if he wanted to throw in some names of some of the offensive weapons as well. If you give aaron rodgers those guys and then they could become household names right now. Maybe they are not but maybe they could. I like that

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