A highlight from How to Optimise Your Health


Show. That is focused on absently everything that matters to us at delicious the allah and we really really believe feeling good is about listrik. Three hundred sixty degree priced while lifestyles and the in that wellness is about so much more than simply just what we eat how we exercise. It's about relationships with with ourselves with others. A mindset of sleep patterns are stress levels. And just how we look after ourselves and undestand ourselves on a day to day basis so on this focus each week. We're gonna be breaking down all of these different topics looking at absolutely everything the impacts on by the mental and physical health in that sharing small and simple changes that of hope lance by you to fail about this better and this week is an absolutely fascinating topic. I don't have favorites. But i've got to says when my favorite conversations that i've had an longtime think that so much in understanding our how that creates self compassion and impoundment and understanding that allows us to get to where we want to be in allies. And so i hope you really gonna enjoy this conversation and looking at some of the questions that we've had to Inbox any questions. You have bras. You want us to take on the show episode ideas. Please do put cost at delicious seattle. So people often very much asking about energy levels and creating more energy. So we've got an episode coming in two weeks time with the incredible scientists. Tim's back to his absence. Leading the way on gut health and the microbiome which i think will not so lots of those questions. But then we're going to be looking at lots of those questions today in regards to a home ends which is really really exciting is such an important topic and i think really helps us understand their unlocking potential and really understanding bodies and how we can optimize them but was the how we can bring more compassion and more softness to our approach to wellness as well so. I hope that's gonna answer of those questions that we've seen in our invokes. The other big news today is that tomorrow. So the fifth of may we are launching a project that we've been working on all year so we've spent the first few months of this year translating all eight hundred recipes on our app the delicious yellow app to be suitable for north america. So no more. Will you have core jets. You'll have Rocket you'll have a ruge eggplant or aubergine and every single is going to be available in cups and just standard. Us measurement so pounds announces as well. It has been as i said. The most humongous project is being at. She brilliant goodbye through every single one of the archived recipes as well. Some of them a really kind of original delicious at five six seven years old. So it's been lovely to revisit those at the same time but

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