Lessons in Building an EUnicorn to $1.7Bill Valuation


Do think when it comes to what has helped us on. The journey is certain. That sounds bit counterintuitive but the fact that we Me and my co founders. But first time entrepreneurs and starting the company right of new visit actually helped us to stop at southern company to quote cookie because we wear so naive and things that we really took a lot of advice very little and there's some easy things like people out of most important factor your company successful. You should make sure that really only hire the best people and we've been very early on thought like well. I guess it's such a common known visit. Everyone would do that very literally. So we put in a process in place that really helped us create talent and which we do today but we've been very strict about it early on but less because we we knew that the recipe of success because we thought house would be doing the same and i think a lot of these things were quite naive on and what we felt. We had to compensate our lack of experience by taking very of being really strict about things has helped us a basic

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