The Magic of Energy

The Pulse


Energy fuels our lives in ways that seem magical energy turns darkness into light cold into warm water into ice but of course. That's all physics. Not magic but energy is kind of like magic if you think about the rules. Magic is all chaos. This is from the netflix series. The witcher conjuring something from nothing. There is a give and a take. The same is true for energy you never create or destroy energy. You only converted for one form to another. That's clifford johnson. He's a professor in the physics and astronomy department at the university of southern california. There's a fundamental law. Perhaps one of the most fundamental laws in physics is what's called conservation of energy which is precisely this idea that it it changes from one form to another but you never really destroy it or created. Let's say you want to make a couple of team you turn on the stove and energy is released. It's either the chemical energy stored in the gas that you're going to then burned or electrical energy coming in through the wires. The energy from the stove converts as the water heats up the temperature of the water represents how much energy every individual water has on. What they're doing is they're really just jiggling around And you're making the jiggle more. Raise the temperature. You pour the water into the t pod. It warms up hot the air around the table. It's on energy is slowly leaking out everywhere but most of what you want where you want it to be is is in the hot tea

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