A highlight from AMR Answers #66: Quelling Post-run Queasiness; Running Etiquette


I am good. So i have had my second back so you are fully vaccinated s. I know. I know. I'm backs to the max. So i gotta say dim that you know i was like okay. I'm getting it on wednesday pm. I better take thursday arrestee instead of my usual you know why call to. I usually swim on thursday. So i called the pool. The person usually makes my reservations. Ashleigh my cash mixing things up. I'm not getting there until friday. Yeah you said a google calendar alert to us which was very your coworkers very nice in case you know you just happened to fall off on thursday. We knew where you were. So yeah but but the longest shortest is i had absolutely no side effects whatsoever zero zero so you madonna pfizer pfizer pfizer. And but you know. I've heard you know alex himself. Our podcasts producer had pfizer and he got to the date his second dose out. If you want chime in you know you you had side effects in from pfizer and but it. It wasn't terrible it was i. I kind of woke up with some chills in the middle of the night. Didn't sleep great. And then i was kinda sluggish the next day but not not. I didn't get like a full fever. Anything but you did sound rough. Because we recorded the podcasts. The next morning. And i mean you sound it rough on the when i said hi. Do you know yes. That was the result of like once. I woke up at like three or four in the morning. I did not sleep. Well look funny things out. Oh yeah we'll three. I can get back to sleep. I'm like yeah welcome to middle-age women's every single freaking. I'm excited to be here. I'm glad i finally be on the show. Now that i'm a middle aged woman. Yes i told molly she was like yeah. Talk to the hand. Man considered ill an issue for me all night sleep. But i mean i so molly you know my best run french. Because she's a veterinarian had gotten She's been fully vaccine for quite a while and so. She said that she felt yup. The chill had a fever. Should just take ibuprofen or advil. You know proactively said it's not. You're not sick so it doesn't matter if you get rid of the symptoms. Yeah that's a good idea. Yeah so i am not a person who ever stops to think like. Oh i guess i could take a pill for that. So i was taken tylenol and asta. You're really that was a lot of rehab is what you're doing. You're moving your workouts. Were taking the anti whatever they called. ns aids. it's then by last name. Like wow i feel really good like i don't have any little niggly things because you know i'm all hopped up on my time. Optimizing thailand said. Nobody ever so funny. 'cause grant got his on my husband got his on he's pfizer. It's well data get it was it. Tuesday was too so. think it was tuesday and nine fifteen tuesday morning because literally like the way that he was acting and he would. I mean hopefully would laugh at this. But i'm happy to share it because he's he knows he's a drama queen ready to have the flu by like nine thirty to save morning like oh. I don't think i'm going to go into the office. And i'm like you can go into the office and if you don't feel good come home or if you need help call me you know. Yeah well because he doesn't you know he's again you. I won't go too far to just being. Sick is not as strong before. Yeah so anyway. So yeah so. He ended up coming home got or afternoon. Excuse so we got it. Tuesday morning wednesday afternoon. He needed like a three hour nap then to bed early that night but that was and that's in melissa who works for us she her second moderna one and she said she was fine and then twelve hours in she was like i was hit by like a twelve ton truck like could not function. That's what kind of what i've heard across the board. It's either like oh my gosh she find. You can go for a run or are you kidding me. You think i could run right now. There's no way. I can even make it up the stairs my bed like i feel like there's not a lot of in-between know i know it was i mean and i just kept waiting for but i also had a very busy day yesterday but my gosh just a and starting with jack. My husband leading his alarm goff five times on the one day that i get to sleep. You know my alarm. Sounds like a a nanosecond. I am on it. I am turning off and his just goes on and on and so finally took a page out of the kids. Books that playbook and on the third time i just go rude. Probably didn't hear you over. Yeah right so so. He got his the day after. I did so then this morning when he was on his. You know day after. I was all like yeah my alarm sound for so long and i just can't do it. It's annoying really annoying so anyway so i was just thrilled and But then very fine so then. I swam this morning. It being friday and i felt like a million bucks. I just felt one with the water. If i was going fast and tricia was there and i was like i feel so good.

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