A highlight from The Hardest Thing

The Line


Hey there before we start just know that. This episode contains descriptions of violence in war and since two suicide thanks for listening previously on the line that was like holy shit permanency in the face and then also nasa's just start stabbing this morning a decorated navy seal facing court martial later today for the murder of an isis fighter in iraq. He didn't stab the skit. No and that's the complete lie that was told they wanted us just to remain silent and i was like were done with that. A lot of these more millennial mindset field. They did not want to perform. They didn't want to go out to battle so we captured hundreds upon hundreds of people. How did that work. You are doing nitrates correct. The job that they do hurts them in hurts. Their families pleasers ryan who is directing a particular medical treatments. You described so fought to gallagher's was being medic on see. How many times did you see chief. Gallagher stab that detainee once. They twice through the samples. Not a single one. He didn't say that chief gallagher suffocated

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