A highlight from The Tour Catch-Up: Osaka ousted by Muchova in Madrid; Norrie falls just short in Estoril; Barty bests Swiatek in Battle of FO champs; Alexandr 'The Dog' Dolgopolov retires; Wimbledon's Middle Sunday axed from 2022


Bank holiday in the k which means a three day weekend. The weather has been absolutely abysmal today. Which i feel is just the perfect excuse really to just kind of sit. Sit in the living room and watch the madrid open and the world sika final path. Yeah it really dismal weather today not very spring like it's may how is it this bad it's say person say but yeah i've just been eighteen cake and watching sports day which actually sounds an has been rather nice but Yeah we actually have madrid. Kickoff already kicked off late last week with the women's side of the rule and we didn't really talk about it to on last week's episode completely snuck up. That was meant to start monday. Why is it starting on wednesday but yeah it was great. It was great. Yeah exactly. I see you again. Kind of continuous tennis. I i suppose say much to get through the men and the women and she appropriate argument for this to happen all the time and start one of the joys slightly earlier Get bit more tension on. Its first thing. But i've been notable stories. I say far in in the women's side of madrid. Let let's start there. Because we've had naomi osaka a he was. He's lost already in the third round of the of the madrid apron. Owner the second round even So she of say this is stolen on clay this year and she's yet to win a clay event so we know she's not the favorite surface. Let's let's put it that way. But yeah she's out in three sets by caroliina merkava who is actually putting together. Quite a string of wins aba. I have a top players this year. This is third win over top five. Say yeah managed to add a socrate to list of scalps for twenty twenty one. Yeah i mean we all know. I think a soccer is a fantastic hardcore player. We yeah we saw that visit the australian open and we talked about this season. I think just being a big opportunity opportunity for her to kind of showcase her skills on other surfaces because we feel like we have already seen in sort of full flight at the moment on clay on grass and madrid was a big opportunity for that but she came through faster round match gets misaki toy relatively comes to be seven five six two but against mika who has had a really good kind of twenty twenty one season so far very much i think much more natural clay courter in madrid. She came on stock particularly in that third set as she lost it six wine and i think it was very clear and i think she was quite quite free to admit really. The have movement on the core is just not very. It's not as natural some of the other players out there. And even know we know her for her and power. It doesn't count as much feel like home. A clay court players lights simona jala and ash party and You know she'll tech and you wouldn't say that necessarily the big power hitters of of the wgn game but you know they are some of the best clay courters and it still feels it name soccer really. Is she still. I think a step behind you know where you want to be. Despite being one of the you know the form players in the world. Yeah exactly. I think that movement not call. It doesn't come as naturally to you. And that's what moco really tried to exploit especially in the third set. She kind of focused much more on trying to move a soccer as much. She could around the cool. You know side and bringing it into the net and came together really nicely for mocatta yet to dominate really. That loss at six and she'll be up against maria sakari in the next round. So you know from one tough. Paid into another of see. Sakari is on holiday. You know especially difficult player. But yet really i mean i know it's as daca. I guess she's going to have a lot to work on over. The course of this case is she's gonna want to add a clay slam to her courage slams. I feel a lot of a lot of people may be including us. We bang on about the fact that name you saw isn't proven yet on a clay core. I don't think she's obviously terrible. But it's it's quite clear that she's got things to work on. And i don't think she can answer those appropriate by just being aggressive. Because i think on a clay court you get a little bit more time. And i feel like you know if she just is aggressive like you know. She plays her hardcore game on clay. Call the best the best players on a clay court because they're afforded that little bit of extra time that sort of able to to maneuver direct. The ball have little sore split-second to direct the bull a little bit easier than say on heartcall and as a result of that it questions name saw because movement and it's it's not up to speed at the moment i don't think so of aggression i mean it did what for i think cannot second-set but what is not working for. She's gotta think about being. Maybe a bit more defensive and maybe picking moments because you know i. It's it's one of those situations where i don't think you necessarily have to have a power game two to win on a on a clay court and she's may be going to have to have to adapt that from you know when she goes from a hall where you know she he she will be looking to end the points early and hit witness left right and center the baseline. When she can't do that she feel that she needs to be a bit more a bit. More versatile look more craft and guile needed but he knows you'll have plenty of time the coming weeks to improve. She's too good a player not to do reasonably. Well what do you know. Two main on a on a cooper and we all say we. Today we've had the taught path of the third round. Take place say really tasty match up. Stay joel which were quite excited for was actually say well number out against iga sheffield existing On garros champion. Well the these these are the last to klay call slam champions playing against each other and it was ash he came through seven five six fool To get into the final say yeah really interesting that they have faced off on clay and he was going to come out on top and it was quite a quite up and down battle know quite quite close really straight-sets but you know quite close sets and the boss. He went three down in that first set and You know get off to coarsely star. Pitcher managed to to come back in was actually never. She didn't leave off to that initial initial break. But what did you make of of of that match today. I mean i think actually apart from spec about sakari versus mcveigh which i actually think is one of the is. Probably the pick of the matches moore across the the men and women's draw. But this i think for me was the pick of the matches today because it is such an intriguing contest. Both have been french. Open champions fiance obviously the mo the current one and i think both of them have had really really good streaks of lightning. They both had double digit streaks on clay courts Recently so something was obviously going to give an. I think today. i think. I didn't think by plays well think. Tax percentage was see below fifty percent that absolute best. But i think ashleigh barty being number one having a bit more experience. And i think playing in stuttgart last week where she was in. I think unfamiliar situations where you know. She was going three sets. She like. She was on the verge of extinction a few times. Too risk averse i. It really really helped to her. And she came thr- i think she saved six seven. Bright points of one hundred percents i. Three of three on the field tech serves so i think that was potentially the difference and i think she will be a little bit disappointed if we know now. She's very young. We owe her game. And how how how devastating it can be on a on a clay-court. I mean us a streak at the maidment. Walk up to put up that ball team. It was straight-sets very very dominating. Yup i think just today ashbal experienced just told a little bit more definitely. Yeah like you said it just came down to these breakpoints early and often that early break. The party lost. She was much more on it after know with serve. Say she's really very tough to beat right now. Asheville say especially against philli top players. And she's patrick for next and they haven't she played each other on a clay call since i think about nine years ago so i would think doing masses such time. Okay policy must have been about sixteen and that for me also is a really really really fascinating encounter. Is i mean we know again. Givers talent on her day. Probably one of the cleanest ball strikers brought he is oversee such a graph during a bachelor on call and again that is just going to be another fascinating match up. I do feel like the winner of that has quite a nice route potentially to the final say you know i get very interesting very interesting match up there. That has been set up. Yeah and just a couple of things from this week We had lena's for going out in the first round she She lost the joe teichmann but she had six matchpoints she was five one up in the last set and then lost it on a match on a on a final. Tie-break say specialty. You know be ruing at that defeat. I think often having six points. We've sat j. konta. She's back She won a match. Which

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