Josh Duggar’s History of Child Sexual Abuse


Duggar has really dug himself into very deep dark hole The thirty three year old was arrested in arkansas on thursday without bail on child pornography charges now. His name may sound familiar to you. If you have seen or heard of the t. s. t. l. c. show nineteen kids and counting. And then the following show counting on He is the eldest child of parents. Michelle and jim bob. Duggar the show focused on the life of the duggar. Family who are devout. Baptists and frequently discuss a values of purity modesty and their faith in god. The doug avoid birth control thing they have decided to allow god to determine the number of children that they have which kinda ties into the title of the show. All of the children are home. Schooled and access to entertainment such as movies and television is very limited to them The duggar family has also used quote. Blanket time end quote which is a controversial practice with their children that is basically chaperoned courtship. I'm which the couple becomes acquainted only in a group setting so little odd but On may twenty second twenty fifteen. Tlc suspended the series when the duckers eldest son josh the one that was just arrested publicly apologized for having acted inexcusably following reports that he molested five years including some of his sisters by fondling them.

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