Microsoft Signs Deal To Outfit US Army With AR Headsets


Essentially this. This broke yesterday. And what i called. It was the biggest news in the history of the ar industry which is not saying much since the air industry is relatively young but this is like a big bang moment because in one deal in industry can be validated and so the headlines would be microsoft Signed a contract with the pentagon to create one hundred and twenty thousand custom hollow lens. A our headsets for the us army and that deal could be worth as much as twenty one point eight billion dollars over ten years. The point that i made on the show was think of all of those moon. Shots that google has been investing in and this is not me being snarky in one fell swoop. Microsoft has essentially completely earned. Its money back from a moonshot that no one was paying attention to were. But this is a hardware moonshot. This is essentially if people have been thinking about a. r. n. vr as the next big thing to the tune of twenty billion dollars. Microsoft is like this is by the way a thing now so I this follows. Of course the the deals that microsoft has done with the pentagon in terms of their cloud computing stuff. But i'm saying and compared to the moon shots of google and comparing it to what amazon has done with aws and all the sudden amazon out of left field. Or i'm sorry. Microsoft out of left field has this whole pentagon arm of its business that depending on how you term it in terms of years something is worth thirty billion dollars so dialing back from the pentagon angle of it. It's just the idea that out of nowhere. The ar vr space in my opinion has suddenly been validated.

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