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That's six six six from the movie. The new ep by the band. Nasty cherry for those. Who don't know nasty cherry. It's four women from l. a. Part of a reality tv show called. I'm with the band Basically the singer. Charlie wanted to build and mentor the kind of band. She wishes she could have grown up. Idolising joining us from atlanta to talk about nasty cherry is writer and co host of the bottom of the map podcast christina christina high. Even it's a great to have you here so tell. Tell me. More about nasty cherry. Charlie gets to play the role of impresario. Which is really refreshing. Because you know instead of having a simon cowl or perlman essentially guess. What teenagers actually want. Charlie just gets back to what she wanted to listen and to hear When she was coming up at age fourteen. And so i think the initial influence or the initial touchstone for nasty cherry was something like the runaways for sure and i think the image makes that totally clear. But you know as we're hearing with this ep or sound is clearly diversified since then. Yeah it doesn't sound like charlie. It's not maybe as aggressive as i would have expected a band with a name like nasty cherry to sound But it's a little bit of a slower burn. The night expected. Yeah absolutely with the lead single her body. Charlie has writing credits. They're one of her trademarks. I guess is that rather than turning the song into a song to really mope too because the song is about being cheated on charlie ex. The ex basically pushed the group to be like no make this raw. Make this real. What would you like. Get a little bit spiteful. Here and so. That's how you get lyrics. That are like well. I'm a be better in bed. Which i think is really great comes off as more of like a juicy secret than something. That's kind of yelled in all caps. Which i think is charlie's trademark. I think in part. That's due to the lead. Singer's voice gabriel back dell is really interesting because she was a model essentially before she started singing this group of but she has his voice. That's really naturally romantic and wistful and a little bit sultry. So the delivery is a little bit sneakier. I think yeah. I just listened to this and i think mission accomplished in terms of the kind of band that i want my daughter to fall in love with this band i want. I want people to get to hear bands like this. Instead of i mean lou lou pearlman managed to put together some some good artists but i would much rather have charlie mentoring the bands that my kids listened to. I mean just always beware of the women who managed to pull off a mullet. I tried to that when i was a teenager. I was inspired by karen. O of the. Yeah yeah yeah's and i mean nasty. Cherry definitely has that same sort of like confidence and bravado issues. That like it's just not fair. Because i never could. I never okay. Well you know the fans can give something to aspire too. So that's nasty cherry. Their debut ep is called the movie christina. I want you to stick around for our next pick mellow music

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