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Bambi who we are here. Who are you know. We have to do a long introduction. I know it's been a long time way too long. fell along. but we're back yup bringing you another episode of the open campus podcast. Thanks wow it's good to see. I know you know was crazy. Sound we work together and we. You'd think that we'd see each other every day. But we don't know opposite sides of the building right opposite skydiving schedules. Yeah but i mean. He used to pop in once in a while. But now you're super-busy. I've been super busy. Yes it's just sad. A lot has happened. Yeah in the last. I think to let the listeners know we actually recorded like this short tidbit episode Never made air. It was pretty fun though it was. And i. We say it exists and men is like a little snack to tide you over over thanksgiving. We couldn't plan anything. And i had district one act in wrestling started in. We had our home wrestling tournament and so it was meant to be a little snack. But it never. It never made it the world wide web. Yeah so perhaps. We'll throw it out there at some point. It's just randomly. yeah and Give you a little something to chew on but We are back together for a full episode. And i'm excited. I can't tell you. How excited i am just to talk about. And i don't kind of look forward to interacting with you on regular basis and it just hasn't happened you know. Yeah yeah and it's it's been kind of fun even though we haven't done an episode in a few weeks people are still talking about us and yeah talking to to us about us writing ideas for us and i got a big old. Oh i don't know if i told you that. I got a big long message from work on instagram. No i'm sorry. No with just awesome topics in really. Yeah she had some really cool things to say so. I'll have to send that to you so that you can look through and i'm excited to do that because it's kind of been a piece that's been missing out of my life you know and i look forward this kind of therapy just a chance to release on some things angry. That's why i've been so angsty lately. I haven't had a chance to get it out. Yeah no i can relate to that. I just I think everybody. I mean regardless of what you have your doctor lawyer indian chief. I mean there's this those moments in your life or things come at you fast and furious right and we're just in those right now. This is the only fain. Yeah i use it. I didn't panic. Never know right. Sometimes you just never know what's going on. I don't either sometimes. It gets me in trouble. Can you imagine that. No not at all but cool. I think that's my dad. Used to say that okay. Yeah he's still says it. And i've kind of picked up on that. Yeah so yeah. No i agree though. Yes you're right. It's a stressful time of year for a lot of people right for me. It's a good time till i mean. This is kinda what you live for. You know if you're into coaching and this is your season you know while it's you're doing a lot of things you burn the candle at both ends and go in a thousand different directions. It feels like it's still a lot of fun puts a lot of pressure on family. I know that a lot of time until him. But it's good staff and their along on the ride with and get just enjoy it while you do it cool. Yeah it you obviously are coming off of your sponsor of the one acts. And i think we did well overall. It was a great and successful year and that we just all learn so much. Because i'm relatively new at that. I mean i did one active high school. And i've been in plays and stuff but directing high school kids so much different to my second year. So and i'm taking a class right now. I actually have to turn my final in tomorrow. Oh boy About play directing for for high school. And i learned so much and it was so cool taking the class at the same time that one act was going on because i got to try so many different techniques out. What worked for us. Figure out what didn't mind. Directing style has drastically changed. Yeah i don't know so. It was a successful season for everybody. You're doing a commercial for lifelong learning. Yes you gotta you gotta do. It grow continue to grow. That's the goal. I i just. I hope that is professionally. I can adhere to that. I mean i. I see the value in it right and they never want to get to the point where i just kinda like well. As far as i wouldn't be right to you know figure something else out. Probably i agree. Yeah yeah so one act over one act is over. Speech started on monday. So we're rolling and the kids are very excited. So that's great. That's good stuff so we don't really have corrections corner so we're going to have to just skip that great. We'll just play. Let's play k. K. remember all the great corrections here. You go folks just a quick corrections cornered diddy.

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