A highlight from 707: For All Mankind S2E10 Review: 'The Gray'



All mankind. One last time stan morin hi. Dan previous jason. I don't know i'm still. I still got nirvana in my head but we should yard jason man that like the moment that it starts the song starts planning on like here we go. We're going into the nineties. It's going to happen but we'll get there. We'll get there. We'll get there there. So i quit air so much before then. Couple things happened this week. Well they did it as we said. Last week they did manage to resolve the big thing that seemed very hard for them to resolve was just take thirty five thousand foot view here for a second. I felt like this was the most science fictional tv. Show ish a lot happens in this episode and some of it gets. I think there will be people who complain about this. Show jumping the shark at this point. That is my guess interesting because there is stuff here that is wild right like there is stuff here. That feels very much like a man. We're going here like we're having people like there was a whole big argument not to give something away from another show. There's all big argument in another show this year when somebody went outside of a spaceship yes and i thought as i watched this week's episode like man people are hopefully they learned something from that experience. And we'll translate into like okay. It is a thing here but some of it is just so it's a little over the top at a few points. I liked it a lot. I enjoyed it. i repeatedly laugh out loud or exclaimed. oh my god. But it is definitely a heightened like experience more like watching almost like watching an action at times. Yeah there are. There are well. That was my worry. Last week was with the way they set up. This finale were they stuffing it to full and having a full finales is not a problem. But i was thinking about star trek discovery which i cover weekly with scott not this year season three of that and and i had this fear fear because of the show has done it before that they really are loading everything into the finale finale. Even if you can run an hour and fifteen minutes like it's a lot of weight lotta load your season. Arc to be born in the final episode in my worry. Last week was that they had loaded this so to the brim. That the only way out at this point again. It's not not from to load it. The problem is the only way to resolve it if you load it. Up beyond a certain point is bilateral like shorthand or by dismissing things very rapidly in a way that makes the pacing of the season. Feel strange. I'm not saying that this season necessarily did that. But that's the risk you take. Is you spend nine hours. Laboriously setting up all of the things and then because it's the tenth our you very quickly knocked them all. And that's in my opinion that leads to bad pacing. Because you don't give you give a lot of things. Detailed looks in the beginning of the show and when it comes down to the end where it all matters you can only give a glancing blow. Because you've got too much and you you've kind of miscalculated and last week's episode was so packed that i feel like they really were kind of like letting its sprawl over two episodes but that is after last week's episode ended. I thought i don't know they're still going on. And there are a few moments in this especially at the end where and this may be the jump. The shark moment. I don't think that the show jumped the shark. I guess we'll find out if we can claim it. I won't i won't necessarily argue either but i think some people would would might feel like this guy got more on what the word is over the top. I guess just like i'd like some of it is. You need verges on that point a little bit. Yeah the the resolution ultimately is first off. It's what you probably guessed it was. It's apollo thing has been going on in the background. Is you know. I'm sure that somebody out there has said. Oh boy you know. The resolution is going to be that they're gonna shake hands and apollo soyuz.

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