Half of US Adults Have Received At Least One COVID-19 Shot


The centers for disease control and prevention say half of all adults in the U. S. have now received at least one covert nineteen shot the CDC says almost one hundred and thirty million people eighteen or older have received at least one dose of the vaccine that's fifty point four percent of the adult population of the U. S. almost eighty four million about a third have been fully vaccinated in other developments a panel of CDC advisers is set to meet Friday on whether to resume shots of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine president Biden's chief medical advisor Dr Anthony Fauci tells ABC's this week I believe will get back with it and it might be some restrictions not sure what that will be whether they'll be ages six or whether they'll just come back with a warning of some sort J. J. shots were put on hold due to rare but serious issues with blood clots the poll was with that take a look make sure we know all the information we can have within that time frame and also warned some of the physicians out there who might see people particularly women who have this particular adverse event that they treat them properly she says researchers are also studying whether any of the vaccines will require a booster Ben Thomas Washington

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