Lakers' Davis Back in Action


Anthony Davis back out on the floor. First of all was just great to see him out there. What was your impression of his first game back in over 2 months? Well, you know as his offense didn't come to him. I think he was over its first five shots or something like that. So I mean he's got to get some offensive Rhythm. I've seen some people in the chat saying like he was in bad shape. I don't know if I want to go that part maybe maybe just in terms of you know full court basketball conditioning but I mean, what do you expect? He's been out like a couple of months off. I would expect even though he was coming back tonight. I didn't expect him to come back and be in full form. I mean, he was only playing he supposed to play 15 minutes ended up playing 17 minutes so long, you know, it's just one of those things I think we we just you know, ye she is back but we just need to kind of root for his health going forward and just kind of know that he's going to take a while to get in Rhythm. So we're going to have to be patient before we see, you know, the playoff a d so to speak.

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