A highlight from Episode #534 - Defecation of Character - Sal Vulcano, Shane Gillis, & Ari Shaffir


Yes what the fuck is up. Everybody it is. Allegiance gangs podcast. We are live from our new high downstairs at the stand. Yes oh look. There's i guess there's some technical difficulties it also looks like we're in front of a green screen like these people aren't really behind us. We look way better by the way. Why do look so much better darker room. This green screen has really letting me know that we could have had an audience this whole last year. Oh yeah they always were. And then just dave put green shirt on disappear in your host the scarcer. All here we got david smith. What's up everybody. Oh yeah turns out. Last week's energy had more to do with chapelle he andrea a little bit yan gang. He was here. Of course everybody to my left has always the puerto rican rattlesnake the defending else mania champ. Everyone go randall. Rattle lawson louis theon. Just start showing up rattles. Every time he hits a punchline instead of laughing just shake right there. I appreciate that that would be a nightmare of an audit. I want everyone to stop working not only shows but to everyone shows it should start when the host is announcing lewis's name. I excavated reagan when you make a reference to the only and one person gets here little our guest today. It's a big one too big. Show everyone joining us from gillian. Keeps everybody pumping out some fucking quality. Sketch work i guess. The crowd agree. But i think it's fucking awesome fine south for them. Maj shane secret podcast everybody. It is hilarious. Shane gillis say

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