What's Wrong with Man City?



In the premier league manchester city once that close to winning the title after two victory against aston villa. Meanwhile spurs closing the gap on chelsea and fourth come from behind to meet some hamilton to one craig burley klinsmann native new with us craigslist dot with the city game. Okay sorry they all right sitting there not quite there swashbuckling. Best offer for ask if you don the show. That's why i was confused. So i just don byer after my wellbeing so you know the concern would be that. I think that's four games for country. The last four games the errors of shelter. johnstone's game. If you remember. I think all kicked off with the england game at wembley where he was dwelling on the ball. And you get caught and then a couple of long bulbs against leeds on the champions league game against dortmund and then you go without ball over the top today. Quick freaky deal with and then obviously had red card. So i think that would be worried that that okay koerbel cup final now because of the suspension but when it gets to the knockout games in the champions league it could be the second leg of semifinal. What does the all important stolen have played pretty much. Most of the season so that would be the concern sloppiness at the start but from not pretty much control the rest of the game after that first five minutes set it really put the hamadan

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