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The battle for soul of this nation has been a constant push. Pull for more than two hundred and forty years. A tug of war between the american ideal that role created equal in the harsh reality racism as long tournus apart. Us president joe biden calls for reform after the former police officer derek. Chauvin was found guilty. Yesterday of the murder of george floyd in minneapolis last year. This is world press. Freedom index is published by reporters without borders and when assess how the corona virus pandemic has sharpened notions of the importance of the independence of the press and romeo romeo wherefore. Art thou romeo. Well web he might be. It might not be beneath the famous balcony in verona that said to with inspired william shakespeare's famous scene if verona's tourist authorities have their say in the matter. Monaco editors are here to discuss those stories today on the night addition here on monocle twenty four hallo that a very warm continue to the late edition here on monocle twenty four it is wednesday the twenty first of april and i'm thomas lewis here in toronto and with us today. Midori house in london to cast their expert is across some of the day's big news stories around the world on monaco's culture editor kiara ramallah and monaco's news editor. Chris chair mark. kiara chris. Great to have you both with us on the program today. Kiara steal your thunder or anything. I know that you'll weekly updates of what you've been viewing in the week on by Have become a bit of a staple on late edition but i for one have been trying to To watch some of the oscar hopefuls ahead of a ceremony this year which takes place on sunday. If i'm right how the oscars shaping up from your vantage there in london. Which of the film's hummus excited about this. Yeah well i think. I have a soft spot for monari though i have been told. The son of metal is an extraordinary film as well. And in general i. I'm not always so keen on watching the oscar ceremony. Live our colleague fernando gestapo. Chicago is famously determined to see the whole night through and he has pulled some serious all night in the past a weirdly. The sierra feel a little bit more enticed to to do it myself maybe because we have been discussing so much about the importance of award ceremonies. And yes i've got to say you know. Obviously there's no a ward ceremony that quite much as the excitement of the real thing. There's no i guess no. Awards ceremony has really been able to replicate the proper excitement of the being there and then but this one i feel like it's the one that i might make an exception for. Who knows maybe. I maybe i will make through crew see. How do you keep us posted. Kiara and chris. How about you you looking forward to. This oscars over other distractions. Been taking your attention this week in london. Well admittedly other distractions. I was admitting just thinking of that. Speaking of late nights as you know we were both Watching as we will be speaking about. Derek chauvin And the trial yesterday. Up late Helping to do a little bit of coverage of that last night and watching the verdict come in. So that was that was a key thing for this week and otherwise we're in production week for The entrepreneurs magazine so that's really been the hard focus looking at the interesting different types of places Kind of to do business now. Now that we're sort of slowly Picking up if you will From the pandemic. What has that changed where people going as a result of of the past year. What are the kind of new and interesting places that are that are becoming trendy so focusing on that this week and Yeah a heavy newsweek. To to think about frankly what chris. I'm kiara is great to have you with us on the program today while it's a little after four pm. Local time in minneapolis yesterday. Judge peter kay. Hell read the verdict in the murder. Trial of former police officer. Derek chauvin for killing george. Floyd inmate last year maryland. The jury i'm going to ask you individually these. Your true and correct verdicts please respond. Yes or no juror number two. Are these your true and correct. Verdicts journey number nine of these. Your trump records jerry number nineteen. Are these your true and correct. Verdicts juror number. Twenty seven are these your so's answers continued until the jury hats confirmed its unanimously guilty verdicts in all three charges against chauvin. Those of second degree unintentional murder third degree murder and second degree manslaughter. The killing of george floyd in minneapolis ignited anti-racism protests in the us and in many cities around the world on a scale not seen since the civil rights movement in the nineteen sixties and in this essay monaco's contributing editor. Andrew assesses the impact of the rest that followed george floyd murder last spring on may twenty fifth two thousand and twenty. George floyd a forty six year old. Black resident of minneapolis bought cigarettes at a grocery store in the powder horn park neighborhood of the city. A shop assistant believing. Floyd had passed a counterfeit twenty dollar. Bill followed him to his car and asked for the cigarettes back. Floyd refused police. Were called in the process of arresting floyd a white officer derek. Chauvin knelt on floyd's neck for nine and a half minutes despite floyd's increasingly desperate

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