Alison Levine: On the Edge


Our guest. Today is alison levine. Allison is a history making polar explorer and mountaineer. She served as team captain. The first american women's ever a sec edition and has completed the adventure grand slam which is climbing the highest peaks on every continent and skiing both the north and south pole feet. Which only twenty people in the world have achieved listen. Levin has spent four years as an adjunct professor of the united states military academy where she focuses on topic of leading teams in extreme environments. Currently she says on the board and faculty of leadership development group at west point one of the nation's premier executive leader development programs. She is the author of the new york times bestseller on the edge. Which is a compilation of the lessons. She's learned from climbing the world's highest peaks. She's also the founder of climb high foundation a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of jobless women in uganda training them to work as trekking guides for local mountains. Ladies and gentlemen please put your hands together and help me welcome retired. Deputy minister talk today me for a loop knowing what's bigger thing in there. Well done. Well do the research that was a while ago. Yeah it was back in two thousand and three. But i'll tell you i learned one of the best leadership lessons if i can. Just jump right in with joe. Leadership lessons from working for governor schwarzenegger and it was about treating every member of your team making sure that they know they are important to you as an individual. Not just as somebody in a job function. What i mean by that is For example when it was you know a few days into the campaign and arnold was walking by me in the hallway. And i'm sure you know there's a million people were gonna campaign an old buddy. you know. there's all these people that he's worked all these famous people at a worked in politics for years and years and years. He's political veterans. And i'm you know a a newbie. And he walks by me in the hallway and i work in campaign finance rights. Our jobs to raise the money for the ads spends and things like that and the events and he walks by me and he looked at me and he said Hey how's our mountain climber doing today.

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